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  • FeefoNov 16, 2015
    good hotel identified-does what it says on the can! Read more
  • Review CentreOct 15, 2013
    Shown this site by a friend. Managed to find a really good deal on a hotel in Whitby with a nice saving and it was 3 star and too only set me back £40 a night . Tried Expedia and Lastminute before I used this site and it was more expensive lucky I found or I would have lost a bit of cash... Read more
  • Ciao UkNov 23, 2013
    A brilliant website offering customers the ability to compare hotel prices from the major booking companies. I love that it allows me to compare all the websites in one go rather than wasting my time navigating from one site to another. The site is easy to use and navigate around and the results... Read more