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Pixels [DVD] [Eng/Fre/Spa/Tha] [2015]

4.50 1,779 reviews from 4 sources

  • walmart.comSelected Review of 17 Reviews
    Gave it as a Christmas gift for my son. He was excited to receive it, and enjoyed watching it! Read more
  • ebay.comSelected Review of 50 Reviews
    Fun little movie, I remember Arcades and some of these games. One of the few Adam Sandler films I liked. Always in enjoy Dinkledge and nice to see him in something light hearted at least he wasn't earning but scars, I hope enjoyed Martha and Serena. Read more
  • target.comSelected Review of 8 Reviews
    Great movie! Nine year old grandson and I loved it! Read more
  • bestbuy.comSelected Review of 1704 Reviews
    Nice to finally see an different movie on some 80s games I played when I was younger. Had quite an few laughs with this movie too. Read more