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  1. Hair of the Dog by Nazareth

    • 5 average rating based on 29 reviews
    • I know that this is a golden oldie but it's in excellent shape on this CD. Must have for any hard rocker/collector! Read more
    • Good price love the music Read more
    • If you cruised the gut in the 70's you had ti be cool and blast this out lousy car speakers. Try it now that your old with better equipment. Still fun. Read more
    • I love this. Mostly what I'd call ballads, the radio only played the title song. However, the flip-side, especially "Please don't Judas me" almost makes it necessary to pull over and ride the buzz. Similiar to Blackfoot's "Highway Song" or The Doors' "The End". This should be re-released to the newest generation, as it will always sound fresh. Beggars Day and Miss Misery, as well as the rest, are definately Crank-It-Up tunes. Let it play through, back to track one to hear again immediately. Get any of these songs in your head and people will wonder what you're smiling about. Enjoy! Read more