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  1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (abbreviated as DS9) is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman and Michael Piller.The fourth series in the Star Trek media franchise, it originally aired in syndication from January 3, 1993, to June 2, 1999, spanning 176 episodes over seven seasons.

  2. Marc Alaimo made his second appearance in The Next Generation in "The Neutral Zone" Due to the impending Writers Guild of America strike , writer and co-executive producer Maurice Hurley developed the teleplay in a day and a half from fan fiction written by Deborah McIntyre and Mona Clee.

  3. Marc Alaimo, Aron Eisenberg, Max Grodénchik, Hertzler and Mark Allen Shepherd (as Morn) are the only actors, apart from the regulars, to appear in both this series-opening episode and the series finale, "What You Leave Behind ". This is the second of three Star Trek premieres in which Patrick Stewart delivers the first spoken lines.

  4. Doorman at Club / ... 1 episode, 1994-2000 Robert Lipton ... Richard Mason 1 episode, 1996-1999 Sally Stratso ... Teacher 1 episode, 1996-1998 Denise McNamara ... Court Reporter 2 episodes, 1996-1997 Titos Menchaca

  5. An official series of novels, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch, chronicles multiple characters' exploits following the events of this finale. Otherwise, Worf is the only character to appear on-screen after this series, in Star Trek: Nemesis.

  6. According to Cinefantastique (Vol. 29, Nos. 6/7, p. 46), Garak and Dukat were the two "beloved Cardassian[s] in the fan world." (Cinefantastique, Vol. 29, Nos. 6/7, p. 46) Marc Alaimo and Casey Biggs both had passionate Star Trek fan clubs. The popularity of Cardassians among fans of Star Trek surprised Biggs. "They are great characters

  7. The Romulans were a humanoid race from the planet Romulus. The Romulans were biological cousins of Vulcans, descended from those who rejected Surak's reforms during the Time of Awakening. By the 24th century, the Romulan Star Empire was one of the major powers in the galaxy. After a supernova destroyed the Romulan sun, the Romulan Free State became the official government. Eventually, the ...

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