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  • TrustpilotAug 4, 2019
    I generally like Groupon a lot but have recently had problems in the shipping and receiving process with things being marked as delivered that have never arrived. I have a licked mailbox so not sure if it's a problem with the seller, FedEx or Post Office but am sure I have not received several items... Read more
  • ViewpointsSep 7, 2018
    GROUPON have very good customer services. I am satisfied. Thank you Read more
  • 7, 2017
    Great prices but delivery problems on 3 orders. Further problems with getting a response from email and when finally confirmed non delivery of one order was only offered Groupon credit. As this item was £179.00 I requested refund to my debit card and after several phone calls have now been granted... Read more
  • Review CentreJun 1, 2016
    Discount code wouldn't work, now refusing to refund..... Ok if purchasing goods but avoid when you have to buy off another sight and apply code… Read Full Review Read more