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Quest Bar S'mores - 12 Bars

4.50 27 reviews from 5 sources

  • powerreviews.comSelected Review of 13 Reviews
    These bars had a great taste and nice crunch to them. Loved them because the full feeling lasts. Read more
  • walmart.comSelected Review of 4 Reviews
    This is my favorite protein bar. I'm a diabetic so I love that I can eat these and my sugar not spike. I'm also a mother of three so it makes a good quick lunch/ snack for me on the go. Read more
  • ebay.comSelected Review of 5 Reviews
    The best protein bar on the market hands down. Keeping kosher makes it hard to get high quality protein without paying outrageous prices. I eat multiple bars every day, and I get bored of this flavor from time to time, but it's clearly #1 on the market due to the following: (1) It's delicious. The texture of the bar actually tastes like cookie dough. Other quest bars are good because of the chocolate chips, but the bites without chocolate chips, blueberries, etc. are only passable. Here every bite is delicious. (2) Nutrition. The formula changes and the 2016 version might not be the healthiest bar on the market, but it's plenty healthy. For under 200 calories, you get 20 grams of high quality protein and 13 grams of fiber. Once you're in this range, there's better and worse but they're all plenty healthy. I don't order a box every month, but if you told me I could only eat one protein bar for the rest of my life, this is the one I would choose, and I think most people that have tried this bar would say the same. Read more
  • puritan.comSelected Review of 3 Reviews
    Oatmeal chocolate chip is my first favorite flavor Read more
  • target.comSelected Review of 2 Reviews
    quest bars are fantastic for low-carb, high protein snacks. My favorite flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough, s'more, and rocky road. If you're new to quest bars, you may consider a variety pack--since some of the flavors I don't like at all, while other people love them. Read more