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Quest Protein Bar, Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut, 20g Protein, 12 Count

3.50 13 reviews from 3 sources

  • target.comSelected Review of 3 Reviews
    The absolute worst protein bar I’ve ever had. The bar had a extremely strong off putting pumpkin spice flavor and I normally love pumpkin spice. The bar was also extremely sweetened with diet sugar. Read more
  • walmart.comSelected Review of 6 Reviews
    Taste great but not like a donut. I like quest bars for their texture and they don’t have a chalky taste like most others do. This isn’t one of my favorite flavors but it’s not bad. Read more
  • vitacost.comSelected Review of 4 Reviews
    My first bite was not exactly what i was expecting, but it actually tastes like a chocolate glazed supermarket donut. I actually really like it and love the soft texture. This and the double chocolate are my two faves! Read more