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Quest Nutrition Quest® Protein Bar Double Chocolate Chunk -- 12 Bars

4.50 268 reviews from 6 sources

  • ebay.comSelected Review of 5 Reviews
    Great product great flavor quality product Read more
  • puritan.comSelected Review of 11 Reviews
    Since the product has been "improved" it doesn't taste "quite" as good BUT it is a much healthier product. I love Quest bars and eat them EVERY day. Some are actually "better" for you than others. This is one of the best! And it satisfies your sweet tooth. Despite the "improvement" it still tastes like a REAL chocolate bar. Lot of chunks!! Read more
  • vitacost.comSelected Review of 174 Reviews
    This bar is my favorite. If you like chocolate. My favorite way to eat them is my unwrapping them and put them in microwave for 10 seconds . mine is 1000 watts. Be sure to unwrap because inside of paper is silver Read more
  • target.comSelected Review of 2 Reviews
    I only grab Quest bars when One bars aren't available because of the taste difference. Quest bars have a gritty texture and leaves an aftertaste. I took advice from someone to heat the bar up in the microwave for ~20 seconds and that has helped! The bar ends up tasting more like a warm baked good. Quest bars are a decent value for the price and nutrition, though. Read more
  • walmart.comSelected Review of 30 Reviews
    This is the best flavor Quest makes. So chocolatey and delicious. Less funny taste than other protein bars. Read more
  • powerreviews.comSelected Review of 46 Reviews
    I love these bars they are amazing warmed a little. Great bars for the money low in sugar and high in protein and they keep you full too! Read more