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Quest Protein Bar, Variety Pack (14 ct.)

4.00 13 reviews from 2 sources

  • samsclub.comSelected Review of 11 Reviews
    I've had a few protein bars in my day but these are the best! I try to stay away from sweets to keep the weight off that I've lost and these are like candy bars to me, they are that good! Plus the fiber really helps. I do wish they would carry other flavors but I'm happy enough with these flavors especially the cookie dough one. Those are my favorite ^_^ these 2 flavors were my first time trying the brand out so if they have better flavors, I'll give them a go otherwise these are just fine for the price. Read more
  • officedepot.comSelected Review of 2 Reviews
    These Quest bars are packed with 21 grams of protein and come individually wrapped. They taste great and are perfect for a midmorning or late night snack. They come individually wrapped, so they are very convenient to eat on the go. Read more