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  1. Race To Witch Mountain (2009) - Used - Dvd

    • 4.5 average rating based on 68 reviews
    • This movie has a little bit of everything in it so it is a great family movie. Read more
    • If you like Sci-Fi adventures films, you will probably enjoy this one. It has plenty of special effects and chase scenes. The plot also carries an underlying sarcastic criticism of Trekkies and Sci-Fi convention fanatics.\r\nUnfortunatelly, for a DISNEY DVD, this DVD version is poor in Bonus features. It does not contain any special features: No deleted scenes, no "Making of" feature and no additional featurettes. All it contains is a "looong" Disney Blue Ray commercial that does not address the featured film at all. Still, as far as an action film go, if you can buy it at a discount price, it is worth watching. Read more
    • My granddaughters 10 & 5 both loved this movie and wanted to know if there were any more = a big thumbs up Read more