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  1. Men of Honor DVD

    • 5 average rating based on 24 reviews
    • This movie is a must in my movie collection. A peice worth seeing time after time and analyzing part by part, piece by piece.\r\n\r\nThe quality performance made by Gooding Jr. and Diniro are at the height of expressing the moment which all finds us to answer the question of how we will respond to life's pinnacle turning points and our willingness to welcome struggle, and challenges POSITIVELY and OPENLY without returning hatred, that will literally alter our human spirit to an ever rewarding level. (A good and healthy way to break the cycle of hate.)\r\n\r\nA delicate balance. Literally changing us upward forever and becoming the living example of POSITIVE STRENTH for young and old to follow suit in their own lives to touch others as well.\r\n\r\nIn Gooding's character I see him drawing his strength from God and holding on to preserving the benefits for humanity, love of family and knowing first hand that the goal is to stay clear of dead end roads and to believe in taking a chance worth fighting for for basic survival day to day and spiritually.\r\n\r\nIt is quite unhealthy and dehumanizing to box in and shut light out of another person, but with strength and determination and pureness of heart in desire to overcome, can always turn ill intensions of one and be made into the light, for the darkness of another and directly for your oposers (reguardless of who or how). Just by shear example at the least.\r\n\r\nA FIVE STAR QUALITY FILM FOR THE ENTIRE HUMAN SPIRIT! :-) Read more
    • a must see for anyone who has ever served in the Navy. DE Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr. bring forth great performances in this movie. Men of Honor is inspired by a true story. i give this movie 5 stars Read more