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    • Trustpilot Mar 25, 2021 When it’s booked via VRBO. \nI booked a vacation rental with 100% refund splashed all over the listing (still has that today all over it) and I selected this property because of the 100% guarantee refund backed by VRBO. \nMy account still shows 100% refund available but when I came to cancel it, I’m... Read more
    • Viewpoints May 30, 2013 I lost $445 because of deceptive business practices by an owner. FIND ANOTHER SITE TO LOCATE VACATION RENTALS!! They don't allow negative reviews to be posted regarding business practices. Read more
    • Ciao Uk Apr 21, 2007 I used VRBO for a trip to Hawaii recently and discovered it isn't all its cracked up to be. Two things really stood out - 1) owner sets refund policy. This might seem reasonable, but VRBO provides no (zero, zip, nada) recourse in the event an owner has completely misrepresnted their property. If... Read more