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  • BizrateNov 13, 2019
    I was very frustrated because, despite having used TurboTax to file my returns for at least the past 3-5 years, when I tried to file electronically , TurboTax did not have a record of my correct previous year’s numbers, and so I ended up having to file by mail, again, as I had had to do the year... Read more
  • TrustpilotSep 12, 2020
    Very expensive for the help you get. After seeking assistance with bank reconciliation problems, I was left in the same problem and told to seek advice from an accountant who would be able to fix the issue. \n\nNearly £450 a year is spent on this software and they couldn’t even assist yet advised a... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsMar 11, 2016
    I've held off for years of upgrading Quicken, since the reviews have been so negative, but thought to give it a shot, well it was a total mess upgrading from version 2004 to 2016. Almost every account balance was either showing asterisks or a large dollar amount. The conversion did not work! I tried... Read more