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ASAP Tickets

5.00 average rating based on 35,443 reviews

  • TrustpilotJul 31, 2020
    Excellent service and team. A big shout out to Caroline for infinite kindness and patience. Read more
  • Review CentreOct 16, 2017
    At first I was reluctant to purchase through an unknown third party such as ASAP Tickets/ Air Concierge. Online the reviews seemed mostly fine, but , aagghh!!!, it is so scary to deal with unknowns. But our agent, Nero, was helpful from the beginning. He sent an email at every step of the way, and... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJul 10, 2020
    Travel agent Wanda is highly recommended if you are looking for excellent service and responsiveness. She has helped me and my family many times. Her communication through phone and emails is prompt and efficient. Read more
  • ViewpointsApr 27, 2018
    I recently booked a flight with ASAP and had to miss my flight for unforeseen reasons. I purchased the insurance they offered in case this very thing happened. For a week now I have been trying to rebook/exchange and cannot get them to return emails or phone calls. They are not the least bit... Read more