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3.83 average rating based on 34 reviews

  • 6, 2017
    cause they are real cheap on kid clothes Read more
  • 23, 2018
    It is easy to shop in store . Read more
  • 18, 2018
    easy to find, aisles are clearly marked , nice and wide and well orgainized Read more
  • 10, 2018
    Great service of site to store pick up. Read more
  • 18, 2018
    they had what i wanted Read more
  • 21, 2017
    Happy is to strong of a word. Read more
  • 5, 2018
    Walmart has the BEST PRICES FOR AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS ESPECIALLY QUALITY MOTOR OIL the BEST 5w30 High Mileage is Valvoline Full Synthetic "Silver Jug" 21.97 is the BEST PRICE EVER!! WAY TO GO WALMART!!! the only critique is that sometimes their website descriptions are not accurate. Read more
  • 3, 2018
    They had everything I needed and received in a very timely manner. Read more
  • 23, 2017
    They were ok they were not great but it was a good deal. Read more
  • 27, 2017
    I love to feel confident when purchasing something that if I don\\'t like it I can return it. Sadly walmart it\\'s one of my least favorite you shop now a days. They don\\'t provide the right information and when trying to get the right thing they don\\'t back up with their kids knowledge. All they... Read more