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  1. the united nations economic and social council ( ecosoc; french: conseil économique et social des nations unies, cesnu) is one of the six principal organs of the united nations, responsible for coordinating the economic and social fields of the organization, specifically in regards to the fifteen specialised agencies, the eight functional …

    • 26 June 1945; 77 years ago
    • New York City, United States; Geneva, Switzerland
  2. The United Nations Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC; French: Conseil économique et social des Nations unies, French: CESNU) is one of the six main parts of the United Nations. Its job is to coordinate many parts of the United Nations. It has 54 members. It meets in April and July. At these meetings, the members talk about economic and ...

  3. The United Nations Economic and Social Council has 54 member states which are elected by the United Nations General Assembly for overlapping three-year terms, with terms ending on 31 December of the third year.

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  5. ECOSOC brings people and issues together to promote collective action for a sustainable world At the centre of the UN development system, we conduct cutting-edge analysis, agree on global norms and...

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    After World War I, the nations of the world formed the League of Nations. The organization was a place where nations could talk through their differences calmly. However, some countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan ignored the League and tried to solve their problems through war. Members of the League of Nations did not want to go to war to prote...

    All of the organs of the United Nations are based in New York City, United States, except for the International Court of Justice, which is in The Hague, Netherlands.

    The UN's main buildings in New York City, but the UN also has offices in Geneva, Switzerland,Kenya, and Austria. The UN tries to be peaceful, but was also involve in armed conflicts. In the 1950s during the Soviet boycott of United Nations Security Council, UN supported South Korea in a war against North Korea, and in the 1990s, the UN helped to fo...

    The United Nations has six "principal organs": There are also so-called special agencies of the United Nations, Some of them are older than the United Nations. Here are a few of them: 1. The United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF) 2. The World Health Organization(WHO) 3. The Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) 4. The United Nations Educational, S...

  6. 国際連合経済社会理事会(こくさいれんごうけいざいしゃかいりじかい、英語: United Nations Economic and Social Council 、略称:ECOSOC)は、国際連合の主要機関の一つ。経済および社会問題全般に関して必要な議決や勧告等を行う。日本語略称は経社理(けいしゃり)。

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