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  1. A Walk-behind tractor (also called walking tractor, two-wheel tractor or hand tractor) is essentially a single-axle / 2 wheeled version of a 4-wheel farm tractor, capable of operating many different implements with a single power source. Walk-behind tractors are used worldwide for small-scale agricultural, horticultural, industrial, landscaping ...

  2. A walk behind tractor, also know as a single axle tractor or 2 wheel tractor, is a compact but heavy duty walk behind version of a common 4 wheel tractor. Although smaller in size, the walk behind tractors share many of the same features as a full size tractor.

  3. Feb 9, 2023 · Most modern-day walk-behind tractors have differential lock features. A differential refers to a mechanical component of a car, truck, or other vehicle that splits the power from the engine and allows the wheels to spin at different speeds.

  4. We are Walk-Behind Tractor experts and there are few (literally) in the USA who can match our knowledge of this equipment. We are 1 of only 2 full time Walk-Behind Tractor dealers in the USA who specialize in ONLY Walk-Behind Tractors. We work on and use BCS, Yagmur, and Grillo walk-behind Tractors 5 to 6 days per week.

  5. May 22, 2017 · Walk-behind tractors are about the size of a large rear-tine tiller. There are 45 different implements for the machine from plows, to mowers, to hay balers, to wood chippers. Dufour says what’s mind-blowing for a lot of people is how you can run all those different implements when some should be in the front and some in the back of the machine.

  6. Apr 25, 2023 · 2022 bcs 718 walk behind gardner tractor, honda gx200 engine, tractor only, attachments available

  7. Walk Behind Tractor. $2,795.00. Basket Weeder - Two Wheel Tractor. For Power Ox, Planet Jr. or BCS Walk Behind Tractors. Starting at $1,403.00. Finger Weeder and Tender Plant Hoe - 1 Row. For Two Wheel Tractor. Starting at $1,194.72. Spring Hoe Package - Two Wheel Tractor.

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