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  1. noun [ U ] us / west / (abbreviation W.) the direction where the sun goes down in the evening that is opposite east, or the part of an area or country which is in this direction: The points of the compass are north, south, east, and west. The sun sets in the west.

  2. a. The cardinal point on the mariner's compass 270° clockwise from due north and directly opposite east. b. The direction opposite to the direction of the earth's axial rotation. 2. An area or region lying in the west. 3. often West. a. The western part of the earth, especially Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

  3. Western culture and Western civilization in general. The Western Bloc, countries allied with NATO during the Cold War. The Occident, an early-modern term originated with geographical divisions mirroring the cultural divide between the Hellenistic east and Latin West, and the political divide between the Western and Eastern Roman empires.

  4. West Texas is a vernacular term applied to a region in the southwestern quadrant of the United States that primarily encompasses the arid and semi-arid lands in the western portion of the state of Texas. There is a general lack of consensus regarding the boundaries that separate East Texas and West Texas. Walter Prescott Webb, the American historian and geographer, suggested that the 98th meridian separates East and West Texas.

  5. Jan 25, 2023 · West Chicago is a community on the western edge of DuPage County, and is best known as the first Illinois community established by the railroads. City of West Chicago, Illinois Where History and Progress Meet

  6. 1 day ago · The West awaits! Discover new lands and experience exciting adventures and duels! The West awaits! Forum - Help - Reconfirm E-mail - Rules - Support - Team - Facebook - Timeline. Winter event 2023 (On 29/01/23 at 7:47 pm) From February 1st 12:00 CET to February 15th 12:00 CET our Winter event awaits you! ...

  7. 7 hours ago · Washington needs to listen to Ukraine’s call to speed up supply. Shoring up Ukraine now not only helps it resist any new offensives and head off Russian breakthroughs, but also boosts Kyiv’s ...

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