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  1. ProForm Pro C22 Bike - Black and Silver

    • 5 average rating based on 37 reviews
    • We were excited about this bike, ordered from RC Willey and it was delivered the following week. After plugging in and setting up, pedals locked up and wouldn't move in a program. Unplugged and tried again. Although pedals would move in manual mode, the resistance seemed too strong at level one. In trying to adjust the level, the pedals made a horrible metal grinding noise. I sent a video to Proform with the noise and they said the resistance motor needed to be replaced. They would mail the part to us, but the following day we talked to them, but the part is on backorder. We returned. Read more
    • I have been wanting a spin bike forever now. After a long year of stress eating and no gyms open I finally buckled down and ordered one. After tons of research I decided to go with this model, the ProForm Pro C22. The giant screen and all of the features available plus the price is what drew me towards this model. Not only that but it also comes with a free year of iFit! Thankfully it was doable to put together on my own and with the wheels in the front I can easily move it around if needed. Everything is easily adjustable for different riders or sizes and heights. It’s very easy to adjust the seat and the handlebars at anytime. I was ready for my first ride within a few hours after receiving. The iFit classes are amazing and definitely make working out feel a whole lot less boring. You really feel like you are in an actual class. The added addition of the weights also intensifies things. You would think 3lbs would be easy but it’s a great addition to the bike. The 22in screen also swivels around which I love. I can do other exercises using iFit other than bike rides. I love laying out a mat and doing yoga, weights and cardio. You really can have everything with this one machine. I love how there are classes for everyone, wether you are a beginner or advanced. I cannot wait to see where my fitness level is at over the next few months! I received this product for a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Read more
    • Love this bike so much! Just wish the seat was more comfortable but with these kind of bikes they never are Read more