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    What are some negative things about the Industrial Revolution?

    What are the good and bad effects of the Industrial Revolution?

    What is good and bad about Industrial Revolution?

    Why the Industrial Revolution was bad?

  2. Negative Outlook. Many insignificant things happened during the Industrial Revolution. Even though certain events during the revolution was terrible it made us what we are today. The air pollution and water pollution were key factors that made certain people believe the Industrial Revolution was bad and a turning point in history. Also other factors that contributed were hard child labor, and women labor.

  3. Aug 10, 2018 · During the Industrial Revolution, kids had jobs, and the youngest usually got the most awful, dangerous jobs because they were small and because their parents were desperate and probably wouldn't complain too much if they came home with one missing hand as long as there was a paycheck in the other one.

  4. Industrialization contributes to negative environmental externalities, such as pollution, increased greenhouse gas emission, and global warming. Industrialization also contributes to the deterioration of health among workers, crimes, stress, and other societal problems.

  5. With the Industrial Revolution there was the same amount as bad things as there were good things but the bad things were much worst. With the building of large factories and machines that were all ran by burning coal the air got very badly polluted and the people that lived near these factories suffered badly because they didn't have proper clean air to breath. One of the most worst thing's of the industrial revolution was of cause child labour. There was children as young as 3 years old ...

  6. Of course not. People were poor, with “short, brutal lives”. Once the industrial revolution took place, Billions of people lifted themselves out of poverty, lifespans increased dramatically, infant mortality went down, democracy became widespread, and equality has become widespread as well.

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