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  1. Jun 20, 2022 · Although there are several positives to the Industrial Revolution there were also many negative elements, including: poor working conditions, poor living conditions, low wages, child labor , and pollution . One of the primary causes of the Industrial Revolution was the emergence of laissez-faire capitalism as an economic system.

  2. A turning point in the spreading of the industrial revolution was in 18 when Boulton and Watts steam engines were being exported to France germany and other west european countries, engineers and scientists had previously traveled to britain to learn from the advancements there and try to implement them home with little success but after this ...

  3. The after effects of the Industrial Revolution prompted numerous short and long haul positive and negative impacts. The transient impacts were for the most part exceptionally negative, with real urbanization and the ascent of destitution incurring significant injury on most of the population. The Revolution was an adjustment from a scale, local ...

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  5. Jul 15, 2021 · The Industrial Revolution was an era in which many new concepts and inventions were being made. The Industrial Revolution was both bad and good for the people at this time. The. Industrial Revolution was mostly centered around textiles and coal mining. The inventions would surely make life easier on them but also very hard.

  6. With this there was then health problems including sickness because of lack of sanitation. And because during the industrial revolution there wasn't any weekly garbage collection people just threw the garbage and sewage into the street which made living conditions even worst. Also with this water wasn't clean and many people got sick from that.

  7. The Industrial Revolution brought huge numbers of people out of the countryside and into big cities to work in factories. Their jobs were often dangerous and did not pay much. They lived in very poor housing conditions. The cities were very dirty and dangerous, both in terms of health hazards and in terms of crime.

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