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  1. West Flanders is the only Belgian province that borders both France and The Netherlands; it is the only province not landlocked . Economy The Gross domestic product (GDP) of the province was 46.9 billion € in 2018. GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power was 34,700 € or 115% of the EU27 average in the same year.

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      West Flanders consists of the North Sea coast, followed by a...

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      The Gross domestic product of the province was 46.9 billion...

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      Tourism is also an important industry in West Flanders....

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      The region has a very distinct dialect of Dutch called West...

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      The city of Bruges has two clubs playing at the highest...

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    The province of West Flanders lies in the most densely populated area of Western Europe. It has 1,181,828 inhabitants, and a population density of 378.2 inhabitants per km². It borders the North Sea, northern France, Zeeland in the Netherlands, the Flemish province of East Flanders (Dutch: Oost-Vlaanderen) and the Walloon province of Hainaut (Dutch...

    In the north of the province, most industry is concentrated in and around the cities of Bruges and Ostend. Both cities also have important seaports: the port of Bruges-Zeebrugge and the port of Ostend. The south is known for its textileindustry. Tourism is also an important industry in West Flanders. Major touristic attractions include the Belgian ...

    Official website of the Government of Flanders Archived 2013-09-13 at the Wayback Machine
    Eurostat - Portrait of the Regions[permanent dead link]
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  3. West Flanders is a parliamentary constituency in Belgium used to elect members of the Flemish Parliament since 2004. It corresponds to the province of West Flanders. Article 26 of the Special Law on Institutional Reform of 1980 gives the Flemish Parliament itself the authority to define its electoral districts by decree.

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    Flanders ( UK: / ˈflɑːndərz /, US: / ˈflæn -/; Dutch: Vlaanderen [ˈvlaːndərə (n)] ( listen); French: Flandre [flɑ̃dʁ]; German: Flandern [ˈflandɐn]) is the Dutch -speaking northern portion of Belgium and one of the communities, regions and language areas of Belgium. However, there are several overlapping definitions, including ...

    • 13,625 km² (5,261 sq mi)
    • Belgium
    • 862–1795
    • BE-VLG
    • Overview
    • Early history
    • Historical Flanders: County of Flanders
    • Flanders in the Low Countries
    • Kingdom of Belgium

    This article describes the history of Flanders. The definition of the territory called "Flanders", however, has varied throughout history. The historical county of Flanders is now split into different countries. It roughly encompassed Zeelandic Flanders in the Netherlands, French Flanders in France, and the Belgian provinces of West Flanders, East ...

    Written records of the Flemish region begin in Roman times. Julius Caesar left his Commentaries of the Gaulish War about his time in the region. Caesar described "Belgium" or "Gallia Belgica" as the northernmost of the three distinct parts of Gaul, and all definitions of Flanders are within this large Belgic area. The inhabitants were collectively ...

    The County of Flanders was created in the year 862 as a feudal fief in West Francia, the predecessor of the Kingdom of France. After a period of growing power within France, it was divided when its western districts fell under French rule in the late 12th century, with the remaining parts of Flanders came under the rule of the counts of neighbourin...

    In 1500, Charles V was born in Ghent. He inherited the Seventeen Provinces, Spain with its colonies and in 1519 was elected Holy Roman Emperor. The Pragmatic Sanction of 1549, issued by Charles V, established the Low Countries as the Seventeen Provinces as an entity separate from

    Subsequently, Philip II sent the Duke of Alba to the Provinces to repress the revolt. Alba recaptured the southern part of the Provinces, who signed the Union of Atrecht, which meant that they would accept the Spanish government on condition of more freedom. But the northern part

    Although arts remained at a relatively impressive level for another century with Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck, Flanders experienced a loss of its former economic and intellectual power under Spanish, Austrian, and French rule, with heavy taxation and rigid imperial poli

    In 1830, the Belgian Revolution led to the splitting up of the two countries. Belgium was confirmed as an independent state by the Treaty of London of 1839, but deprived of the eastern half of Limburg, and the Eastern half of Luxembourg. Sovereignty over Zeelandic Flanders, south of the Westerscheldt river delta, was left with the Kingdom of the Ne...

  5. West Flanders is a parliamentary constituency in Belgium used to elect members of the Chamber of Representatives since 2003. It corresponds to the province of West Flanders . The constituencies for the Chamber of Representatives are set by Article 87 of the Electoral Code of 1894. The number of representatives per constituency is set every ten ...

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