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  2. Billy Budd Summary. The narrator describes Billy Budd, a handsome, good-natured young sailor who is taken from his merchant ship, the Rights-of-Man, into service on a British Royal Navy warship, the Indomitable (in some editions, the Bellipotent ). The captain of the Rights-of-Man, Captain Graveling, tells Lieutenant Ratcliffe of the Indomitable, who has selected Billy for naval service, that he is losing his best sailor.

  3. The British naval warship H.M.S. Bellipotent impresses, or involuntarily recruits, the young sailor Billy Budd, extracting him from duty aboard the Rights-of-Man, a merchant ship. Billy’s commanding officer, Captain Graveling, though reluctant to let one of his best men go, has little choice in the face of the superior ship’s demands.

    • Lawrence Thompson, Herman Melville, Harrison Hayford, Merton M. Sealts
    • 1924
  4. Book Summary. Nearing home after a long voyage, the H.M.S. Bellipotent, a British man-of-war in need of men, halts the merchant ship Rights-of-Man. Lieutenant Ratcliffe impresses one — and only one — sailor, Billy Budd, who is happy to serve his country and offers no objections. As he leaves, he calls the Rights of Man by name and bids farewell. Aboard the Bellipotent, Billy assumes the duties of foretopman.

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    Billy Budd, Sailor is a novella by American writer Herman Melville, left unfinished at his death in 1891.Acclaimed by critics as a masterpiece when a hastily transcribed version was finally published in 1924, it quickly took its place as a classic second only to Moby-Dick among Melville's works.

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