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  1. Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793)

    Variety Cuspidaria rostrata var. major Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1897 accepted as Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) Environment. marine

  2. Marine Species Identification Portal : Cuspidaria rostrata

    Status in World Register of Marine Species Accepted name: Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) Scientific synonyms and common names Mya rostrata Spengler, 1793 Anatina longirostris Lamarck, 1818 ; partim

  3. Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) | Marine Bivalve Shells ...

    Species Account - Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) Conchological Society of Great Britain & Ireland Provides resources for understanding, identifying, recording, and conserving molluscs

  4. Cuspidaria rostrata

    Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) An amphiatlantic species. Arctic to West Indies and Gulf of Mexico, to Liberia and offshore islands, Azores to Mediterranean. Continental shelf and slope. Original taxon: Mya rostrata. Synonyms: attenuata, longirostris, renovata… 150m deep, off Granada, Andalucia, S. Spain. 8mm.

  5. Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) sensu Dall, 1886

    original description Dall W.H. (1886). Reports on the results of dredging, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) and in the Carribean Sea (1879-80), by the U.S. Coast Survey steamer "Blake", Lieut.-Commander C.D. Sigsbee, U.S.N. and Commander J.R. Bartlett, U.S.N. commanding.

  6. Cuspidaria (bivalve) - Wikipedia

    Cuspidaria rostrata (Spengler, 1793) Cuspidaria subglacialis Dall, 1913; Cuspidaria subtorta (Sars, 1878) Cuspidaria subtorte (Sars, 1878) Cuspidaria sulcifera ...

  7. Cuspidariidae - Wikipedia

    Cuspidariidae is a family of small marine bivalve molluscs in the superfamily Cuspidarioidea.. Genera and species. Genera and species in the family Cuspidariidae: Austroneaera Powell, 1937

  8. ITIS Standard Report Page: Cuspidaria

    Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact:

  9. Cuspidariidae pictures - idscaro

    Seashells, worlwide, Cuspidariidae pictures (CC BY-SA 3.0) Cuspidaria steindachneri Sturany, 1899 syn: hirasei Kuroda Red Sea to Japan, Philippines... Taiwan 22mm

  10. Cuspidaria rostrata – Wikipedia

    Cuspidaria rostrata [1] [2] [3] är en musselart som först beskrevs av Lorenz Spengler 1793. Cuspidaria rostrata ingår i släktet Cuspidaria och familjen Cuspidariidae. [4] [5] [6] Arten är reproducerande i Sverige. [6]