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    Algirdas was one of the seven sons of Grand Prince Gediminas. Before his death in 1341, Gediminas divided his domain, leaving his youngest son Jaunutis in possession of the capital, Vilnius. With the aid of his brother, Kęstutis, Algirdas drove out the incompetent Jaunutis and declared himself Grand Prince in 1345.

  2. Algirdas Pocius (28 August 1930 – 14 August 2021) was a Lithuanian politician and writer.

    • Lithuanian
    • 14 August 2021 (aged 90), Vilnius, Lithuania
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  4. Algirdas is a Lithuanian male given name, derived from the Lithuanian terms al ("each, every") and gandas ("news, rumor"). Variants of the name include Algis and Elgirdas. Algirdas may refer to: Algirdas (1296–1377), Grand Duke of Lithuania. Algirdas Brazauskas (1932–2010), Lithuanian politician, President and Prime Minister.

    • "every rumor", "all the news"
    • Lithuania
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    Algirdas Sysas is a Lithuanian social democratic politician and trade unionist. He is the Deputy Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania since November 2012 and Deputy Chair of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party since 2009. Prior to political activities, Sysas was the leader and initiator of the independent Lithuanian trade unions.

    Sysas first studied radio-electronics and graduated Vilnius Polytechnic College in 1973. After three years of compulsory service at the Soviet Navy, he continued his studies at Faculty of Economics at Vilnius University. He graduated in 1982 receiving a diploma in Labour Economics.

    Sysas started his professional career as a worker at a radio measurement device factory. In 1976 he joined a company producing magnetic tape recorders VILMA. From worker to head of shop, and subsequently deputy head of a major division, Sysas was elected chairman of the factory trade union in 1987. From 1989, he led the independent Lithuanian Metalworkers' Union as its elected Chairman, and a year later he organised and chaired Unification, the independent Lithuanian Trade Union. As the Soviet U

    In 1995 he was elected at Vilnius municipal elections as a trade union candidate listed on the Social Democratic Party list, and worked at the municipal Social Affairs Committee. In 1996 he was listed as a non-party member on the Social Democratic Party list and was elected for the first time to the Seimas, where Social Democrats won 9 seats. Sysas was re-elected in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. He joined the Social Democratic Party in 2006.

    Sysas is married and has two children and one granddaughter. Sysas has been promoting healthy lifestyle and daily exercise. He has been adept at orienteering since the 1970s, participating in numerous local, national and international competitions. Sysas is President of local club Labirintas and was President of Lithuanian Orienteering Federation in 1999–2006. He is also a long-distance runner, participates in multichallenge competitions, practices skiing, etc.

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    Algirdas Julien Greimas, was a Lithuanian literary scientist who wrote most of his body of work in French while living in France. Greimas is known among other things for the Greimas Square. He is, along with Roland Barthes, considered the most prominent of the French semioticians. With his training in structural linguistics, he added to the theory of signification, plastic semiotics, and laid the foundations for the Parisian school of semiotics. Among Greimas's major contributions to semiotics a

    Greimas's father, Julius Greimas, 1882–1942, a teacher and later school inspector, was from Liudvinavas in the Suvalkija region of present-day Lithuania. His mother Konstancija Greimienė, née Mickevičiūtė, 1886–1956, a secretary, was from Kalvarija. They lived in Tula, Russia, when he was born, where they ran away as refugees during World War I. They returned with him to Lithuania when he was two years old. His baptismal names are "Algirdas Julius" but he used the French version of ...

    Greimas's first published essay Cervantes ir jo don Kichotas came out in the literary journal Varpai, which he helped to found, during the period of alternating Nazi and Soviet occupations of Lithuania. Although a review of the first Lithuanian translation of Don Quixote, it addr

    Greimas proposed an original method for discourse semiotics that evolved over a thirty-year period. His starting point began with a profound dissatisfaction with the structural linguistics of the mid-century that studied only phonemes and morphemes. These grammatical units could

    He later began researching and reconstructing Lithuanian mythology. He based his work on the methods of Vladimir Propp, Georges Dumézil, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Marcel Detienne. He published the results in Apie dievus ir žmones: lietuvių mitologijos studijos 1979, and ...

  5. Algirdas Kaušpėdas (born August 12, 1953, in Vilnius, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian rock musician, the leader of Lithuanian rock group Antis, an architect and one of the Sąjūdis initiators. His wife Vilija Ulozaitė is also an architect. Biography. Kaušpėdas's father, Vytautas Kaušpėdas, was also an architect.

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