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  1. Varsity Sports. The varsity program at the Royal Military College of Canada offers exceptional opportunities for students considering our programs. Approximately 20% of the student body is involved in the varsity program. This amounts to nearly 200 athletes with any of our 7 different teams.

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    As an integrated part of the Royal Military College, the Athletic Department supports the mission of RMC by providing operationally oriented physical education, competitive intramural sports, varsity and recreational club programmes for officer-cadets. These programmes provide extensive leadership development opportunities in an atmosphere that helps instill the values of the Canadian Forces, the College and the Department. This is achieved through mandatory Cadet involvement in physically an...


    The Athletic Pillar of the Royal Military College will provide programmes of excellence that contribute to the development of outstanding leaders for the CAF who value physically active and healthy lifestyles. These programmes will enhance the national reputation and profile of the College and help attract outstanding athletes.


    Loyalty 1. to your team and/or squadron including obedience of superiors, e.g., coaches and team captains. Loyalty should always be upward first. Integrity 1. hinges on consistently giving precedence to ethical values in our decisions and actions. Courage 1. Physical courage is a self-evident requirement for contact sports. Moral courage, related to integrity, is also necessary. Diligence 1. Persistence, hard work, meticulous attention to detail and perfection of athletic skills all describe...

    Physical Education Programme

    The aim of the Physical Education Programme is to: 1. develop a basic knowledge of physical education theory and philosophy; 2. develop physical fitness through a programme of strenuous physical activities; 3. develop sports skills and introduce the fundamentals of team play as commonly practiced by members of the Canadian Forces (CAF); 4. develop skills in lifetime sports which have both a social and a fitness value; 5. develop leadership and organizational abilities through opportunities in...

    PPT and FORCE Evaluation

    Students must successfully pass the Physical Performance Test (PPT) Standards as outlined in the Course training Plan (CTP). Further, every ROTP student must pass the Canadian Forces Minimum Physical Fitness Standard (MPFS) in accordance with CAF policy; currently the FORCE Evaluation is the MPFS

    Varsity Programme

    The aim of the varsity programme is to achieve competitive excellence. This will mean different things to different sports; however, the aim in general is that: 1. RMC becomes a highly respected opponent in terms of competitive challenge and sportsmanship; 2. RMC is the smallest university member of USPORTSwith a student population of 900 officer-cadets in the undergraduate programme. It has to overcome a talent deficit through recruiting, outstanding preparation and performance; 3. provide a...

    ATE101 Foundations of Fitness, Health and Sports

    ATE101 is designed to provide students the tools they need in order to take charge of their personal fitness and health, as well as introduce them to leadership development through sports. Theoretical and practical aspects of these topics are covered. ATE101 is divided into 4 twelve-week units. Foundations of Fitness, Foundations of Health and two terms of Foundations of Sports. Foundations of Health unit is further divided into 3 four-week components including aquatics, health promotions and...

    ATE301 Unarmed Combatives, Military Skills and Individual Sports

    ATE301 is designed to provide students basic unarmed combative skills, military fitness skills and introduce them to individual sports. In the combatives and military fitness units students are placed in environments outside of their comfort zone in order to enhance their gumption, resiliency and grit. The individual sports unit introduces them to new skills that will foster healthy and active lifestyle habits once they graduate. Students must pass all three components in order to successfull...

    ATH1 PSC1

    The first year athletics programme is aimed at giving officer cadets the tools to take charge of their personal fitness and health in preparation to lead military members in physical training in their future careers. Topics covered include the principles of strength and conditioning (S&C) (i.e. warm ups, cool downs, basic movement patterns in S&C, running training, energy systems training, building a training program), aquatics, Health, and introduction to combative. There is a practical exam...

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  3. Varsity Fencing. Fencing, as both a military skill and combative sport, has played an important role in military life at the Royal Military College (RMC) since the late 1800's. The college currently participates in the Ontario University Athletic (OUA) fencing league. Nine universities participate in a series of Canadian Fencing Federation ...

  4. VARSITY SPORTS. Anna-Michelle Shewfelt / November 9, 2009. 40th RMC Team Fencing Invitational. The 40th RMC Team Fencing Invitational took place this weekend at the KMCSC Field House. Over 130 teams came to Kingston for this challenging tournament from Quebec, Ontario, New York state and Great Britain. The kick-off to the tournament was the ...

  5. The Varsity Women's Soccer Program at RMC strives for competitive excellence in Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and USPORTS competition. We believe that serious student-athletes possess the ability to balance academics and athletics, as well as demonstrate the leadership skills necessary at RMC.

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    SPORTS & RECREATION RMC is a member of the Ontario University Athletics (OUA), one of four conferences that make up Usports. RMC’s varsity teams compete in a variety of sports, as shown below. RMC’s competitive clubs provide members an enhanced opportunity for training and competition that are otherwise not available as recreational clubs.

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