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  1. Boogaloo is a freestyle, improvisational street dance movement of soulful steps and robotic movements which make up the foundations of popping dance and turfing; boogaloo can incorporate illusions, restriction of muscles, stops, robot and/or wiggling.

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    Boogaloo or bugalú (also: shing-a-ling, Latin boogaloo, Latin R&B) is a genre of Latin music and dance which was popular in the United States in the 1960s. Boogaloo originated in New York City mainly among teenage Hispanic and Latino Americans. The style was a fusion of popular African American rhythm and blues (R&B) and soul music with mambo ...

    • 1960s, New York City
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    Boogaloo Boogaloo or "bug'n" is an older umbrella name of funk dances originating in Oakland, California. It can be described as a free-form dance style with loose movements trying to give the impression of a body lacking bones, partly inspired by animated movies and cartoons. It utilizes circular rolls of various body parts, such as the hips, chest, shoulders, knees and head - this technique is also referred to as "wormin" and isolates sections of the body toward funk rhythms, especially ...

    • late 1970s
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    Naming and identity

    The term boogaloo alludes to the 1984 sequel film Breakin' 2:Electric Boogaloo, which was derided by critics as a derivative rehash. Subsequently, appending "2: Electric Boogaloo" to a name became a jocular verbal template for any kind of sequel, especially one that strongly mimics the original. The boogaloo movement adopted its identity based on the anticipation of a second American Civil War or second American Revolution, which was referred to as "Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo" and became...

    Political beliefs

    Groups in the boogaloo movement are far-right, anti-government, and pro-gun. Some groups have also been variously described as being alt-right, anarchist, libertarian, or right-libertarian. According to Alex Newhouse, a digital researcher at Middlebury's CTEC, "the way we know the 'boogaloo' movement is a far-right movement is because they draw a line directly from Waco and Ruby Ridge. They hold up things like the McVeigh bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building and the armed response to...

    Structure and membership

    While boogaloo groups are often described as a part of a larger boogaloo movement, J. J. MacNab, a George Washington University fellow researching anti-government extremist groups, has said that she does not agree with this characterization: "since the majority of participants were radicalized elsewhere prior to donning a Hawaiian shirt—either in anti-government militant groups such as the Three Percenters or the militias, or in white supremacy groups—the Boogaloo shouldn't be considered an i...


    Memes referring to "the boogaloo", a violent uprising or civil war, developed simultaneously among anti-government and white supremacist online communities in the early 2010s. According to the SPLC, both types of communities regularly used the term to refer to racist violence or a race war. Researchers at Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) and the Middlebury's CTEC both traced the origins of the boogaloo meme and the later movement based around it in part to the imageboard website 4c...

    Offline activities

    Adherents of the boogaloo movement have been observed at pro-gun rights demonstrations, protests against COVID-19 lockdowns, and the George Floyd protests which began in May 2020 and continued through the year.Believers in the movement can also appear unexpectedly at events and protests initiated by others with apparently different affiliations. In January 2020, members of boogaloo groups attended the 2020 VCDL Lobby Day, a gun rights rally organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. V...

    Online activities

    Groups belonging to the boogaloo movement organize on mainstream online platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, in chat rooms on Discord and Telegram, and on more obscure platforms such as 4chan. Online extremism researcher Megan Squire observed references to the boogaloo in white supremacist Telegram chat rooms in the summer of 2019, before the movement began to become popular on gun forums in September of the same year. Vice has also noted the boogaloo meme was popular...

    People affiliated with the boogaloo movement have been arrested and five deaths have been publicly linked to boogaloo rhetoric. Some of the charges against people affiliated with the movement include murder, conspiracy to damage and destroy by fire and explosive, possession of unregistered firearms, making a terroristic threat against a peace officer, inciting a riot, aggravated breach of peace, and drugs charges.

    Law enforcement and government

    Federal law enforcement agencies and supporting organizations have issued statements warning of the possibility of violence related to the boogaloo movement. In April 2020, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) published a Threat Awareness Message about the movement and the potential danger it posed to police and government entities. A May 29, 2020 memo published by the DHS warned officers of an extremist white supremacist Telegram channel encouraging its members to commit acts of v...

    Social media platforms

    On May 1, 2020, Facebook amended its policy on violence and incitement to prohibit boogaloo and similar terms "when used with images or statements depicting armed violence". On June 5, 2020, Facebook told Reuters that it would make it harder to find groups associated with the boogaloo movement by no longer recommending such groups to members of similar associations. Facebook also told The Verge that it would be demoting boogaloo-related content in search results. On June 30, 2020, Facebook an...

    Sardarizadeh, Shayan; Wendling, Mike (June 17, 2020). "Who are Boogaloo Bois, antifa and Proud Boys?". BBC News.
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    Popping was derived from the earlier Boogaloo street dance movement taking place in Oakland, California during the late 1960s, the Boogaloo dance form incorporated techniques of soulful footwork steps, arm movements, stop-motion animation, the robot, & posing hard - which contracted muscles during robotic poses to the music of Funk.

  6. As Latin freestyle in the late 1980s and early 1990s gradually became superseded with house music, dance-pop, and regular hip hop on one front and Spanish-language pop music with marginal Latin freestyle influences on another, "harder strain" of house music originating in New York City was known to incorporate elements of Latin freestyle and the old school hip hop sound.

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