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    Canadian Forces Base Kingston (also CFB Kingston) is a Canadian Forces Base operated by the Canadian Army located in Kingston, Ontario.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia What are the references for this statement: "CFB Kingston is the home base for all CH-146 Griffon helicopters which are used to support the Canadian army's airlift requirements." I don't think that is correct. I was posted to that base and there is no flight line there.

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    Canadian Forces Base Kingston (also CFB Kingston) is a Canadian Forces Base operated by the Canadian Army located in Kingston, Ontario.

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    The Barriefield Military Camp, commonly called Camp Barriefield, was established as a military base at the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 on the east bank of the Cataraqui River opposite the city of Kingston in the village of Barriefield. Located north of King's Highway 2, the name of the military base and village was in honour of the Royal Navy's Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Barrie who served during the War of 1812. In 1937 the base expanded to the south side of King's Highway 2 with the opening of the Vimy Barracks, named in honour of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The Vimy Barracks became home to the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals which relocated to the Barriefield Military Camp from the Borden Military Camp. The Signal Training Centre, later renamed the Royal Canadian School of Signalswas also established at the base. The Barriefield Military Camp continued to expand as one of Canada's largest training bases when the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps established a training centre du...

    Primarily a training base, CFB Kingston is home to the following lodger units: 1. Canadian Army 1.1. Land Force Doctrine and Training System(LFDTS) 1.2. 1st Canadian Division, Headquarters 1.3. Peace Support Training Centre(PSTC) 1.4. Princess of Wales' Own Regiment(PWOR) 1.5. Communications and Electronics Branch 1.5.1. Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics(CFSCE) 1.5.2. Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment 1.5.3. 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment 1.5.4. 772 Electronic Warfare Squadron 1.5.5. 2 Electronic Warfare Squadron 1.5.6. Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Unit 1. Royal Canadian Air Force 1.1. 1 Wing (commonly referred to as 1 Wing Kingston) 1. Royal Canadian Navy 1.1. HMCS Cataraqui 1.2. CSTC HMCS Ontario- Sea Cadet Summer Training Centre 1. Canadian Forces Joint Operations Group 2. Canadian Forces Joint Support Group 3. Canadian Defence Academy 4. Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit Detachment Kingston 5. 1 Dental Unit — Detachment Kingston...

    CFB Kingston includes several recognized and classified federal heritage buildings on the Register of the Government of Canada Heritage Buildings. 1. McNaughton Barracks 1.1. Canadian Forces Health Services Clinic, Building MB-62 Recognized - 2002 1.2. Lewis Hall, Building MB39 Recognized - 1996 1.3. Sherman Hall, Building MB37 Recognized - 1996 1. Vimy Barracks 1.1. Barracks Block, Building VB-7 Recognized - 2002 1.2. Beament Hall, Building VB-2 Recognized - 1996 1.3. Carruthers Hall, Building VB-1 Recognized - 1996 1.4. Forde Building VB-16 Recognized - 1997 1.5. McKee Hall, Building VB-6 Recognized - 1996 1.6. Officer's Mess Building VC1 Recognized - 1996

    CFB Kingston received an award from the Ontario Power Authority’s for their leadership in pursuing energy efficiency. CFB Kingston and Direct Energy partnered in 2005 to create the largest Federal Building Initiative project ever conducted in Canada, resulting in a $21-million energy performance contract (EPC) expected to save the base more than $2 million annually in utility costs. At CFB Kingston, energy efficiency measures cover a number of base-wide initiatives, such as lighting upgrades, improved building controls and water conservation.

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    English: Canadian Forces Leopard C2 Main Battle Tank monument on display on the grounds of the Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario, Canada Date 8 July 2011

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    A Canadian Forces base or CFB (French: base des Forces canadiennes, BFC) is a military installation of the Canadian Armed Forces.For a facility to qualify as a Canadian Forces base, it must station one or more major units (e.g., army regiments, navy ships, air force wings).

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    The Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) (French: Centre de doctrine et d'instruction de l'Armée canadienne), formerly the Land Force Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS), is a formation of the Canadian Army headquartered at McNaughton Barracks, CFB Kingston, Ontario.

  10. Canadian Forces Base Kingston is a Canadian Forces Base operated by the Canadian Army located in Kingston, Ontario. CFB Kingston is situated north of Fort Henry Heights, close to 18th.

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