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    Television documentary series, sometimes called docuseries, are television series screened within an ordered collection of two or more televised episodes. Television documentary films exist as a singular documentary film to be broadcast via a documentary channel or a news-related channel.

  2. Documentary photography - Wikipedia › wiki › Documentary_photography

    Documentary photography generally relates to longer term projects with a more complex story line, while photojournalism concerns more breaking news stories. The two approaches often overlap. [8] Some theorists argue that photojournalism, with its close relationship to the news media, is influenced to a greater degree than documentary ...

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    A documentary is a creative work of non-fiction. It documents (creates a record of) a true story. A documentary may be a video or audio recording, such as a movie or radio program. The purpose of a documentary is to tell the story behind the news. News programs tell what has happened, documentaries explain why and how something happened.

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