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  1. Duchy of Austria - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Austria ( German: Herzogtum Österreich) was a medieval principality of the Holy Roman Empire, established in 1156 by the Privilegium Minus, when the Margraviate of Austria ( Ostarrîchi) was detached from Bavaria and elevated to a duchy in its own right.

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  2. Archduchy of Austria - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Archduchy of Austria (German: Erzherzogtum Österreich) was a major principality of the Holy Roman Empire and the nucleus of the Habsburg Monarchy. With its capital at Vienna, the archduchy was centered at the Empire's southeastern periphery.

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  4. Duchy of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Bavaria (German: Herzogtum Bayern) was a frontier region in the southeastern part of the Merovingian kingdom from the sixth through the eighth century. It was settled by Bavarian tribes and ruled by dukes (duces) under Frankish overlordship.

  5. Duchy of Carinthia - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Carinthia was a duchy located in southern Austria and parts of northern Slovenia. It was separated from the Duchy of Bavaria in 976, and was the first newly created Imperial State after the original German stem duchies. Carinthia remained a State of the Holy Roman Empire until its dissolution in 1806, though from 1335 it was ruled within the Austrian dominions of the Habsburg dynasty. A constituent part of the Habsburg Monarchy and of the Austrian Empire, it remained a Cisleithanian

  6. Duchy of Bukovina - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Bukovina was a constituent land of the Austrian Empire from 1849 and a Cisleithanian crown land of Austria–Hungary from 1867 until 1918.

  7. Duchy of Styria - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Styria in modern Austria and Slovenia Styria remained a part of the Habsburg Monarchy and from 1804 belonged to the Austrian Empire.

  8. Duchy - Wikipedia

    The Duke and Duchess of Scania in 1905. A duchy is a medieval country, territory, fief, or domain ruled by a duke or duchess, a high-ranking nobleman hierarchically second to the king or queen in European tradition.

  9. Duchy of Milan - Wikipedia

    The duchy was ceded by Austria in the Treaty of Campo Formio in 1797, and formed the central part of the new Cisalpine Republic. Legacy [ edit ] After the defeat of Napoleon, based on the decisions of the Congress of Vienna on 9 June 1815, the Duchy of Milan was not restored.

  10. History of Austria - Wikipedia

    Austria was dominated by the House of Habsburg and House of Habsburg-Lorraine ( Haus Österreich) from 1273 to 1918. In 1808, when Emperor Francis II of Austria dissolved the Holy Roman Empire, Austria became the Austrian Empire, and was also part of the German Confederation until the Austro-Prussian War of 1866.

  11. Duchy of Carniola - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Carniola (Slovene: Vojvodina Kranjska, German: Herzogtum Krain, Hungarian: Krajna) was an imperial estate of the Holy Roman Empire, established under Habsburg rule on the territory of the former East Frankish March of Carniola in 1364.