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  1. Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Elisabeth of Bavaria-Munich (2 February 1443 in Munich – 5 March 1484 in Leipzig) was a princess of Bavaria-Munich by birth and by marriage Electress of Saxony

  2. Electress - Wikipedia

    An Electress (German: Kurfürstin, Latin: electrix) was the consort of a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire, one of the Empire's greatest princes. [1] The Golden Bull of 1356 established by Emperor Charles IV settled the number of Electors at seven.

  3. Talk:Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Talk:Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony ... a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Women's history and related articles on Wikipedia.

  4. Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Brandenburg - Wikipedia

    Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut (1383 – 13 November 1442), nicknamed "Beautiful Beth", was an Electress of Brandenburg.. Life. Elizabeth was a daughter of Duke Frederick "the Wise" of Bavaria-Landshut and his second wife Maddalena Visconti.

  5. Elisabeth of Bavaria (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria (born 1973), daughter of Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria and Countess Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

  6. princess of Bavaria-Munich by birth and by marriage Electress of Saxony. Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony (Q68285) From Wikidata.

  7. Margaret of Austria, Electress of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Margaret of Austria (c. 1416 – 12 February 1486), a member of the House of Habsburg, was Electress of Saxony from 1431 until 1464 by her marriage with the Wettin elector Frederick II. She was a sister of Emperor Frederick III .

  8. Elisabeth of Lorraine - Wikipedia

    Elisabeth was a daughter of Charles III, Duke of Lorraine in his marriage to Claude of Valois. On 9 February 1595, in Nancy, she married her cousin Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria . Their marriage was childless due to Elisabeth's sterility, which was a cause of suffering.

  9. Archduchess Adelheid of Austria - Wikipedia

    Archduchess Adelheid of Austria (3 January 1914 – 2 October 1971) was a member of the Austrian imperial family, the House of Habsburg-Lorraine.. Early life. Adelheid was born in Schloss Hetzendorf, the second child and eldest daughter of the then Archduke Charles of Austria and his wife Zita of Bourbon-Parma.

  10. Maria Antonia of Austria - Wikipedia

    Maria Antonia of Austria (Maria Antonia Josepha Benedicta Rosalia Petronella; 18 January 1669 – 24 December 1692) was an Electress of Bavaria by marriage to Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria. She was the eldest daughter and only surviving child of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his wife Margaret Theresa of Spain. She was the heir to ...