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  1. Food engineering is a scientific, academic, and professional field that interprets and applies principles of engineering, science, and mathematics to food manufacturing and operations, including the processing, production, handling, storage, conservation, control, packaging and distribution of food products.

  2. The processing plant may be operated by an independent company that buys input material from suppliers, or by a packing plant that produces the material in-house. Rendering processes for edible products. Edible rendering processes are basically meat processing operations and produce lard or edible tallow for use in food products. Edible ...

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    Natural food and all-natural food are terms in food labeling and marketing with several definitions, often implying foods that are not manufactured by processing.In some countries like the United Kingdom, the term "natural" is defined and regulated; in others, such as the United States, the term natural is not enforced for food labels, although there is USDA regulation of organic labeling.

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