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    Thrash metal (or simply thrash) is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music characterized by its overall aggression and often fast tempo. The songs usually use fast percussive beats and low-register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding-style lead guitar work.

  2. We don’t encourage anyone to smash things up, but if you do - this is the music to play while you do it.

  3. For anyone unfamiliar with their sound, they don’t attempt to boundary push but focus on creating Thrash-infused Death Metal that is, in all respects, as technically perfect as possible. The instrumentation is precisely delivered, and the production is crisp, well balanced and defined, with a fresh modern feel but maintaining an old-school vibe.

  4. Jun 23, 2021 · Thrash Metal was a wild card that came during a glut of revivalist albums from a country without a solid thrash pedigree as performed by names more familiar to black metal. Regardless, the Norwegians knocked it out of the park with a scabrous collision of blackened hardcore punk distilled through early Metallica (opens in new tab) and Kreator ...

  5. The British bands Seventh Angel and Detritus introduced Christian thrash metal to Europe. Seventh Angel were considered to be thrash metal pioneers, and their albums achieved mainstream distribution through the Music for Nations label. Cross Rhythms states that for a long time Seventh Angel were considered to be the best metal act in the UK.

  6. Jul 12, 2022 · Among blackened thrash bands, Nifelheim lean hard on the blackened, but the core of Envoy of Lucifer is undoubtedly thrash metal. And a fiery core it is – the record is one of the band’s most cohesive and easy to enjoy, loaded with galloping rhythms and shrieking guitars that remind one of Bathory at their most barbaric.

  7. Jul 13, 2022 · Last year, bassist David Ellefson was fired from thrash legends Megadeth due to a sex scandal emerging online. But now, Ellefson is back with a new death-thrash band named Dieth — sort of like Diet Deth, we guess?

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