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  1. Kagoshima - Wikipedia

    Kagoshima Prefecture (also known as the Satsuma Domain) was the center of the territory of the Shimazu clan for many centuries. It was a busy political and commercial port city throughout the medieval period and into the Edo period (1603–1868) when it formally became the capital of the Shimazu's fief, the Satsuma Domain.

  2. Kagoshima Prefecture - Wikipedia

    Kagoshima Prefecture (鹿児島県, Kagoshima-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyushu and the Ryukyu Islands. Kagoshima Prefecture has a population of 1,599,779 (1 January 2020) and has a geographic area of 9,187 km 2 (3,547 sq mi).

    • 鹿児島県
    • Kyushu
  3. Kagoshima - Wikipedia

    Kagoshima (鹿児島市, Kagoshima-shi) is the caipital ceety o Kagoshima Prefectur at the soothwastren tip o the Kyūshū island o Japan, an the lairgest ceety in the prefectur bi some margin. It haes been nicknamed the " Naples o the Eastren warld " for its bay location ( Aira Caldera ), het climate an impressive stratovolcano , Sakurajima .

  4. Kagoshima dialect - Wikipedia

    The Satsugū dialect (薩隅方言, Satsugū Hōgen), often referred to as the Kagoshima dialect (鹿児島弁, Kagoshima-ben, Kagomma-ben, Kago'ma-ben, Kagoima-ben), is a group of dialects or dialect continuum of the Japanese language spoken mainly within the area of the former Ōsumi and Satsuma provinces now incorporated into the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima.

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  6. Kirishima, Kagoshima - Wikipedia,_Kagoshima

    Kirishima (霧島市, Kirishima-shi) is a city located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.. Kirishima has the second largest population of the cities in Kagoshima Prefecture.It is a crossroads for commerce between Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures.

  7. Kagoshima Main Line - Wikipedia

    The Kagoshima Main Line (鹿児島本線, Kagoshima-honsen) is a major railway line operated by the Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) between Mojikō in Kitakyushu, and Kagoshima Station in Kagoshima City, at the southern end of Kyushu.

    Station name
    Total distance (km)
    JA 20
    JA 19
    JA 18
    JA 17
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    Soo is a city located in northeastern Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It is near Miyakonojō, Miyazaki. As of April 2017, the city has an estimated population of 37,038 and a population density of 95 persons per km². This is down from the 2006 population data, which was an estimated population of 43,752 and a population density of 112 persons per km². The total area is 390.39 km². Soo is one of the many small cities in Japan that have a steadily decreasing population.

    Much of Soo is mountainous and covered with forest. It rains, but it rarely snows. Soo is located in Kagoshima so it also receives ash from its volcanoes, most notably: Shinmoedake and Sakurajima. Soo is a land-locked city and is in middle of the Ōsumi Peninsula.

    The modern city of Soo was established on July 1, 2005, from the merger of the towns of Ōsumi, Sueyoshi and Takarabe.

    The closest airport is Kagoshima Airport which is located in Kirishima.

    All of Soo had a train system, but due to low use most of it was torn out and paved into a running path. There are three small un-manned train stations in Takarabe that connect to trains going to Miyazaki Prefecture and to Kagoshima City. They are: Takarabe Station, Kitamata Stat

    There is one bus that travels from Miyakonojo through Soo to Kanoya, and another one that travels to Shibushi.

    Sueyoshi is famous throughout Japan for producing Yuzu. Ōsumi is known for its Chinese cabbage and watermelons. Soo City in general also raises black pork and beef which is the local delicacy. Before it closed, the high school in Takarabe was an agriculture school, reflecting the importance of the agriculture industry in the area.

    There are 20 Elementary schools, 5 Junior High schools, and 1 High school in Soo City. Sueyoshi has 9 Elementary schools, 1 Junior High school, and 1 High school. Ōsumi has 7 Elementary schools and 1 Junior High school. Takarabe has 4 Elementary schools, 1 Junior High school. Beginning with the 2012–2013 school year, small Jr High schools will be absorbed into the larger schools, resulting in all areas of Soo City having only one Jr High each. Takarabe went through this change in 2012 ...

  9. Kagoshima Airport - Wikipedia

    Kagoshima Airport (鹿児島空港, Kagoshima Kūkō) (IATA: KOJ, ICAO: RJFK) is an airport located in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, 29.6 km (18.4 mi) northeast of Kagoshima-Chūō Station in Kagoshima City. It is the second-busiest airport in Kyushu after Fukuoka Airport.

  10. Kagoshima – Wikipedia

    Kagoshima är en stad i södra Japan och är den administrativa huvudorten för prefekturen Kagoshima.Staden är belägen på den södra delen av ön Kyūshū.Kagoshima har ungefär 600 000 invånare, och är centralorten för ett storstadsområde som hade totalt 1 087 447 invånare vid folkräkningen år 2000. [2]

  11. 鹿児島県 - Wikipedia鹿児島県

    鹿児島県(かごしまけん、英: Kagoshima Prefecture )は、日本の九州地方に位置する県。県庁所在地及び最大の都市は鹿児島市。 九州島の南側には離島(薩南諸島)が点在する 。九州島の部分は県本土と表現され、2つの半島(薩摩半島・大隅半島)を有する。

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