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  1. Roman Rite - Wikipedia

    The Roman Rite (Latin: Ritus Romanus) is the main liturgical rite of the Latin or Western Church, the largest of the sui iuris particular Churches that make up the Catholic Church. It developed in the Latin language in the city of Rome and, while distinct Latin liturgical rites such as the Ambrosian Rite remain, the Roman Rite has over time ...

  2. Liturgical books of the Roman Rite - Wikipedia

    The Roman Rite of the Latin or Western Church of the Catholic Church is the most widely celebrated of the scores of Catholic liturgical rites. The titles of some of these books contain the adjective "Roman", e.g. the " Roman Missal ", to distinguish them from the liturgical books for the other rites of the Church, .

  3. Mass in the Catholic Church - Wikipedia

    Within the Latin Church, the Roman Rite Mass is by far the most widely used liturgical rite. The history of the development of the Mass of this rite comprises the Pre-Tridentine Mass, the Tridentine Mass and the post-Vatican II Mass.

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  5. Roman Ritual - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Rituale Romanum) The Roman Ritual (Latin: Rituale Romanum) is one of the official ritual works of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.

  6. Tridentine Mass - Wikipedia

    Elevation of the chalice after the consecration during a Solemn Mass. The Tridentine Mass, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass (often abbreviated as TLM) or Usus Antiquior, is the Roman Rite Mass of the Catholic Church which appears in typical editions of the Roman Missal published from 1570 to 1962.

  7. Latin Church - Wikipedia

    Today, the most common Latin liturgical rites are the Roman Rite – either the post-Vatican II Mass promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1969 and revised by Pope John Paul II in 2002, or the 1962 form of the Tridentine Mass; the Ambrosian Rite; the Mozarabic Rite; and variations of the Roman Rite (such as the Anglican Use).

  8. Roman Rite | Religion-wiki | Fandom

    The Roman rite is the most widely used liturgical form used within the Roman Catholic Church. Like other liturgical rites, the Roman Rite has grown and been adapted over the centuries. The development of its Eucharistic liturgy can be divided into three stages: Pre-Tridentine, Tridentine, and the Post-Tridentine.

  9. Gallican Rite - Wikipedia

    The Rite of Iberia was used from the 5th century in Roman provinces within the Roman civil diocese of Hispania to the end of the 11th century, and lingered as an archaeological survival in chapels at Toledo and Salamanca. It was so nearly allied to the Gallican Rite that the term Hispano-Gallican is often applied to the two.

  10. Latin liturgical rites - Wikipedia

    The ancient Celtic Rite was a composite of non-Roman ritual structures (possibly Antiochian) and texts not exempt from Roman influence, that was similar to the Mozarabic Rite in many respects and would have been used at least in parts of Ireland, Scotland, the northern part of England and perhaps even Wales, Cornwall and Somerset, before being ...

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