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    Takashi Nishiyama started his career at Irem. He worked on [vague] the 1982 scrolling shooter Moon Patrol, one of the first games with parallax scrolling. He was the designer of Kung-Fu Master (1984), which is considered one of the first beat 'em up video games. He then joined Capcom, where he created the Street Fighter fighting game franchise.

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    Takashi Nishiyama (西山隆志?), parfois surnommé Piston Takashi, Nishiyama, ou T. Nishiyama, est un concepteur, réalisateur et producteur japonais de jeux vidéo qui a travaillé pour Irem, Capcom et SNK, avant de fonder sa propre société, Dimps.

  3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Takashi Nishiyama (Japan­ese: 西山隆志), some­times cred­ited as Pis­ton Takashi, Nishiyama, or T. Nishiyama, is a Japan­ese video game de­signer, di­rec­tor, and pro­ducer, who worked for Irem, Cap­com, and SNK, be­fore found­ing his own com­pany Dimps.

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    Before his career at Capcom, he worked with Irem on Spartan X, better known in the West as Kung Fu Master. He joined SNK in 1988 after he had finished directing the first Street Fighter game with Hiroshi Matsumoto. Leaving SNK due to feeling the need to take responsibility for the coming dire situation at the time, he went on to found Dimps in 2000 when core staff of SNK also resigned after him, expecting Nishima to have some sort of plan. With the help of key people from Sammy (now Sega Sammy), Bandai Namco Games and CSK, he started Sokiac which was later renamed Dimps. He is sometimes credited as "Piston Takashi" or "T. Nishiyama".

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    Takashi Nishiyama (japonês: 西山隆志), às vezes creditado como Piston Takashi, Nishiyama ou T. Nishiyama, é um designer, diretor e produtor de videogames japonês, que trabalhou para Irem, Capcom e SNK, antes de fundar sua própria empresa Dimps.

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  5. Street Fighter (video game) - Wikipedia

    SNK 's fighting game Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991) was designed by Takashi Nishiyama, the director of the original Street Fighter. Nishiyama envisioned Fatal Fury as a spiritual successor to Street Fighter. It was developed around the same time as Street Fighter II (1991).

  6. Hadouken - Wikipedia

    Takashi Nishiyama, the creator of the original Street Fighter (1987), credits the 1970s anime Space Battleship Yamato and a super-weapon called the Hadouho ("Wave Motion Gun") as the origin of the Hadouken. The move is achieved by the characters thrusting their palms forward, sending a surge of spirit energy, flying towards the opponent.

  7. Nishiyama - Wikipedia

    Taiga Nishiyama (西山 大雅, born 1999), Japanese footballer; Takahisa Nishiyama, Japanese soccer player; Takashi Nishiyama, Japanese video game developer; Teppei Nishiyama, Japanese football player; Tomoka Nishiyama, Japanese shogi player; Uzō Nishiyama (西山 夘三, 1911–1994), Japanese architect, city planner and architectural scholar

  8. Sonic Team - Wikipedia

    It was founded when twelve Sonic Team members, including Takashi Iizuka, relocated to San Francisco, California, in 1999, and were set as a subsidiary of SonicTeam Ltd. by 2000. The team worked on game development, translation, [40] and market studies in the United States, [41] until they returned to Japan and merged back into Sonic Team in 2008.

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    Takashi Nishiyama is a Japanese game director, producer, and video game designer. He is credited to have created the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series. He joined SNK in 1988 after he had finished directing the first Street Fighter game with Hiroshi Matsumoto. He is sometimes credited as "Piston Takashi" or "T. Nishiyama".

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