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    Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating new music, sound effects, mixes and other creative sounds and beats, typically by using two or more turntables and a cross fader-equipped DJ mixer.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The main article for this category is Turntablism. Pages in category "Turntablism" The following 11 pages are in this category, out of 11 total.

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    Turntablism From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Turntablism is the art of changing sounds to create music using phonograph turntables and a DJ mixer. This short article about music can be made longer.

  5. Turntablism – Wikipedia › wiki › Turntablism

    Unter Turntablism versteht man die Manipulation von Schallplatten mit einem Plattenspieler, so dass die Töne der Schallplatte in einem völlig neuen Kontext zusammengesetzt werden. Geprägt wurde dieser Begriff 1995 von DJ Babu von den Beat Junkies aus Los Angeles .

  6. Turntablism – Wikipedia › wiki › Turntablism

    Turntablism kommer ursprungligen från det engelska ordet turntable som betyder skivtallrik. Begreppet turntablist används för att beskriva DJ:s som använder skivspelarna som instrument, snarare än att bara spela och mixa låtar. [1] Turntablism-kulturen kan sägas vara en reaktion mot rappande MC:s dominerande ställning inom hiphop-kulturen.

  7. Phonograph - Wikipedia › wiki › Turntable

    In more modern usage, the playback device is often called a "turntable", "record player", or " record changer ", although each of these terms denote categorically distinct items. When used in conjunction with a mixer as part of a DJ setup, turntables are often colloquially called "decks".

  8. Turntablism – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre › wiki › Turntablism

    O Turntablism é a arte de manipular sons e criar músicas usando turntable fonógrafo e um DJ mixer. A palavra turntablist (não há tradução para a língua portuguesa) foi criada em 1995 pelo DJ Babu [1] para descrever a diferença entre um DJ, que apenas reproduz discos, e um que exerça por tocar e mover as músicas, e um misturador para manipular som.

  9. International Turntablist Federation - Wikipedia › wiki › International_Turntablist

    The International Turntablist Federation (ITF) was an organization which held a series of DJ battles during the rise of turntablism in the late 90s and early 2000s. The ITF is notable for introducing the concept of category competitions. The categories included advancement, scratching, beat juggling, and team.

  10. Turntablist transcription methodology - Wikipedia › wiki › Turntablist_transcription

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Turntablist Transcription Methodology, or TTM, is a notation system for scratching and turntablism designed by John Carluccio (a Brooklyn-based artist best known for the Battle Sounds documentary film on turntablism), by Ethan Imboden, and by Raymond Pirtle.

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