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      • Canada and the United States of America have the longest land border in the world with 8893 km/ 5526 miles.
      • The first "skyscrapers" (of ten stories and more) were built in Chicago/USA as early as during the 1880s.
      • New York/USA has still the second most skyscrapers in a city! ...
      • Colonial Creek Falls in Washington State with a hight of 783 m/ 2,568 ft. ...
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    • North America Is the Third Largest Continent in The World. The most basic of North America facts is that it is a continent, the third largest in the world after Asia and Africa.
    • There Are 23 Countries in North America. When we think of the North American continent, we tend to think of its largest and most powerful country, the USA.
    • The Core of the Continent Is 1-1.5 Billion Years Old. One of the most extraordinary North America facts concerns just how old the land is. At the geological heart of all continents are cratons, the oldest and most stable parts, usually found in the center of tectonic plates.
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    • North America is the 3rd largest continent in the world. The most fundamental fact about North America is that it is a continent, the third-largest after Asia and Africa in the world.
    • North America is named after an Italian explorer. Between 1497 and 1502, a group of Europeans, including the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci and two German cartographers, Matthias Ringmann and Martin Waldseemüller explored South America.
    • North America has 23 countries. When we speak of the North American continent, we tend to think of its largest and most strong nation, the USA. Therefore, one of the most interesting facts about North America is that there are only 23 countries on the continent, along with hundreds more territories and possessions.
    • The early North Americans formed empires. North America has many fascinating facts about how native cultures evolved before European colonization. The continent was divided into informal areas of culture in which the way people lived was defined by the environment and geography of each region.
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    North America is the third largest continent in world, ranking just below Asia and Africa (which are the first and second largest continents, respectively). North America covers an area of 24.71 million square kilometers or 9.54 million square miles. This means that 16.5% of the Earth’s total land area is taken up by North America alone.

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    North America Geography Facts While not the largest continent out there, North America is among the big ones. In fact, it comes in third when you look at the sheer size of it. Explore other fun geography facts about North America.

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    1. There are 23 countries in North America (see list of the ten biggest countries on the right) and 9dependencies with a total of more than 590 million people living on the continent. 2. Largest Country: Canada. The country is covering almost half the North American continent's land area. Canada is slightly bigger than the USA and about as big as China. Read more about Canada here. 3. Largest City: Mexico City, which is the capital city of Mexico with a population of about 9 million. With more than 20 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, this is one of the largest cities in the world. Read more about Mexico here. 4. Smallest Country: St Kitts and Nevis with only about 54,000 inhabitants. This island country is located in the Caribbean Sea. The least populated dependency is Montserrat, a British Overseas Territory, with less than 6,000 inhabitants. 5. Biggest Island: Greenland. This is also the world's largest island that is not a continent! Greenland is located in the North...

    11. History:North America was first populated about 10,000 years ago when people moved across the Bering Sea between Siberia and Alaska. First records are found on the island of Greenland from about 980. Indigenous people lived in various clusters from small family groups to large empires across the whole continent. The European explorers arrived in larger numbers only after Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. There were power struggles between the colonisers from England, France and Spain as well as revolutions of the local indigenous people which later led to the creation of the different independent states. 12. People of North America: Before the Europeans arrived in North America, the indigenous and native Americans were the people who lived on the continent. Today, the biggest groups of native Americans are the Cherokee, Navajo and Iroquois people. Only 2% of all US Americans consider themselves as Native Americans. In Canada, among the indigenous people are First...

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    15 Interesting facts about North America It is believed to have been named after an Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. Encompassing around 4.8% of the total surface of the Earth, North America holds the reputation of being the third largest continent. North America stands fourth in terms of population.

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    186 Fun Facts About North America Written by Robby in Facts, World North America is only the third largest continent in the world, yet it has so much to offer. We therefore thought we have to share our most incredible random facts about that continent so we collected 186 unbelievable facts about North America you should not miss.

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    • North America covers an area of about 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 square miles), about 4.8% of the planet's surface or about 16.5% of its land area.
    • As of July 2008, its population was estimated at nearly 529 million people across 23 independent states, representing about 7.5% of the human population.
    • North America was named after the explorer Americo Vespucci.
    • Mexico City, Mexico is the largest city in North America.
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