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    • Rice Dish. Paella. SPAIN, Europe. 4.2 (425) Ate it? Rate it. Wanna try? Add to list. Pair with. Rioja Priorat Garnacha tinta Verdejo Airén. SIMILAR DISHES. Arroz con conejo y caracoles Tahchin Risotto ai frutti di mare Kamameshi Arroz con pollo.
    • Fried Dough. Churros. SPAIN, Europe. 4.2 (243) Ate it? Rate it. Wanna try? Add to list. MAIN INGREDIENTS. Flour. Olive Oil. Salt. Sugar. Pair with. Chocolate caliente (Spain) Cava Moscato d'Asti.
    • Sausage. Chorizo. SPAIN, Europe. 4.3 (122) Ate it? Rate it. Wanna try? Add to list. Pair with. Queso Tetilla Rioja Rioja Alta Garnacha tinta Tempranillo Carménère (Chile) Mencía Saison.
    • Sandwich type. Bocadillos. SPAIN, Europe. 4.4 (53) Ate it? Rate it. Wanna try? Add to list. MAIN INGREDIENTS. Pan de barra. Queso Manchego. Chorizo. OR. Jamón Ibérico. Jamón Serrano.
    • Tortilla de patatas. The humble tortilla de patatas is one of the staples of the Spanish diet and this seems to be true regardless of region – quite an achievement in a country with such strong regional culinary divides.
    • Paella. Said to originate on the shores of a lake in the region of Valencia, paella is one of Spain’s most famous dishes. Its name literally refers to the dish it is prepared in: a large but shallow pan.
    • Jamón Iberico. Both a common ingredient in many a Spanish dish and able to stand its own ground on any menu, jamón Iberico is the most noble of Spain’s cured meats.
    • Pan con tomate. Not so much a dish in its own right, but an essential accompaniment to any dish eaten during a meal, pan con tomate is a staple of the Catalan diet.
    • Paella. One of the most traditional and famous rice dishes in Spain, paella comes in several varieties, but if you can, try Valencia paella. Valencia is the region in which this dish originates so you’d better believe they know how to make this highly-sought after Spanish food just right.
    • Gazpacho. Best described as a cold tomato soup, this definition doesn’t really do gazpacho justice. You have to try it to find out why a seemingly simple dish is such a tasty favorite for so many people.
    • Jamón. One of the most famous Spanish foods and one that Spanish people go absolutely nuts for, jamón is a cured ham made from either mountain pig or black Iberian pig, the latter of the two being more expensive.
    • Churros. Churros are a sweet, popular snack of hot fried dough coated in sugar crystals. They take on a long, spiral shape, making them perfect to munch on the go.
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    • 10 Cocido madrileño (chickpea casserole). A nice hot cocido, or chickpea casserole, is a pleasure everyone can afford to...
    • 10 Gazpacho. This traditional cold soup is typical of several regions in Spain including Extremadura, Andalusia and...
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  2. Jun 26, 2019 · The addition of potato is optional, though when potato and vegetables are added it is normally grilled on a hot plate and called pulpo a la plancha or pulpo a la parilla. Though Galicia is most famous for the gallego version of the dish, this is actually the most popular way of eating it throughout Spain.

    • Paella Valenciana. Paella is perhaps the most famous Spanish dish of all, and certainly one of the most abused. Authentic paella originates from the region around Valencia, and comes in two varieties: Paella Valenciana, with rabbit and chicken; and seafood paella.
    • Patatas bravas. Foodie and gastronomical guide Diego Gil takes us on a journey to see the influences of the Moors on Spanish food. A staple among the small dishes that make up a classic tapas menu, patatas bravas -- "brave potatoes" -- is named for its spicy sauce, rare in a land that generally shuns fiery food.
    • Gazpacho. Is this the world's most famous cold soup? This tomato-based Andalusian soup is most famous for being served cold. This can be quite a shock for those who aren't expecting it, but in the searing heat of a Seville summer, the attraction becomes clear.
    • Pimientos de Padron. A common dish on tapas menus, pimientos de Padron are green peppers that hail originally from the town of that name in Galicia, in Spain's lush, rainy northwest.
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