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    • 20 Traditional Foods to Eat in Spain

      • Paella. Paella is arguably the world’s most popular rice dish. ...
      • Olives. Olives are pretty much everywhere in Spain. ...
      • Gazpacho & salmorejo. Unlike their Portuguese neighbors, Spaniards aren’t big fans of soups. ...
      • Cured ham. ...
      • Cheese. ...
      • Tomato and olive oil toast. ...
      • Spanish omelet. ...
      • Bocadillos. ...
      • Pulpo a la gallega. ...
      • Pinchos. ...
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  2. Spain's Top 10 Traditional Dishes You Need to Try › europe › spain

    Aug 10, 2017 · From tasty tapas to rich seafood paella and of course plenty of jamon Ibérico (ideally accompanied by a glass or two of full bodied Rioja wine), Spanish food is famous the world round. Here are some of the most traditional Spanish dishes you should try next time you visit the country for a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine.

    • Tortilla de patatas
      Tortilla de patatas
      The humble tortilla de patatas is one of the staples of the Spanish diet and this seems to be true regardless of region – quite an achievement in a country with such strong regional culinary divides.
    • Paella
      Said to originate on the shores of a lake in the region of Valencia, paella is one of Spain’s most famous dishes. Its name literally refers to the dish it is prepared in: a large but shallow pan.
    • Jamón Iberico
      Jamón Iberico
      Both a common ingredient in many a Spanish dish and able to stand its own ground on any menu, jamón Iberico is the most noble of Spain’s cured meats.
  3. Top 10 foods to try in Spain - BBC Good Food › guide › top-10-foods-try-spain
    • Annie Bennett
    • Gazpacho. The reddest, ripest tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, bread, peppers and cucumber are blended until silky smooth, then chilled and poured into bowls or glasses.
    • Paella. In the Valencia region, they claim you can eat a different rice dish every day of the year, but let’s stick with the most traditional version for now.
    • Tortilla Española. Eggs, potatoes, onions… that’s it – and some purists even consider that adding onion is a gastronomic crime of the highest order. The Spanish omelette is so much more than the sum of its parts.
    • Gambas al ajillo. You walk into a tapas bar, the barman is handing a customer an earthenware dish of sizzling prawns, the tantalising aroma hits your nostrils and you just have to order some too.
  4. List of Spanish dishes - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Spanish_dishes

    a type of sausage and one of the most important dishes of the Catalan cuisine. Cecina: Castile and León: meat meat that has been salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke Chistorra: Navarre: sausage A type of sausage from Navarre, Spain. It is made of minced pork, or a mixture of minced pork and beef.

    Canary Islands
    rice dish
    a dish consisting of rice, a fried egg, a ...
    Arròs negre Arroz negro, paella ...
    Valencian Community and Catalonia
    rice dish
    a cuttlefish (or squid) and rice dish ...
    fish dish
    Anchovies marinated in vinegar and ...
    bean dish
    a dish consisting of a cooked botifarra ...
  5. 20 Traditional Foods to Eat in Spain | Travelers Universe › food-in-spain

    May 28, 2021 · Following is a round-up of some of the best traditional foods you must eat in Spain, from the world-famous paella to the humble tortilla.

  6. Traditional Spanish Food | SpanishDict › guide › traditional-spanish-food
    • Paella. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish from Valencia. It is a rice dish that can have meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables and is characterized by its use of saffron, which gives it a yellow color and unique flavor.
    • Jamón serrano/ Jamón ibérico. Jamón serrano and jamón ibérico are dry-cured Spanish hams that are served in thin slices. Jamón serrano is named after the custom of drying the salted and cured ham in a shed high on a mountain, or sierra.
    • Queso manchego. Another traditional Spanish food, queso manchego is typically eaten together with jamón serrano or jamón ibérico. Queso manchego is a sheep’s milk cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain.
    • Tapas. Tapas are a great Spanish food tradition consisting of small dishes of different types of food, like appetizers or snacks. The dishes may be cold (jamón serrano, queso manchego, olives, etc.)
    • Paella Valenciana. Paella is perhaps the most famous Spanish dish of all, and certainly one of the most abused. Authentic paella originates from the region around Valencia, and comes in two varieties: Paella Valenciana, with rabbit and chicken; and seafood paella.
    • Patatas bravas. Foodie and gastronomical guide Diego Gil takes us on a journey to see the influences of the Moors on Spanish food. A staple among the small dishes that make up a classic tapas menu, patatas bravas -- "brave potatoes" -- is named for its spicy sauce, rare in a land that generally shuns fiery food.
    • Gazpacho. Is this the world's most famous cold soup? This tomato-based Andalusian soup is most famous for being served cold. This can be quite a shock for those who aren't expecting it, but in the searing heat of a Seville summer, the attraction becomes clear.
    • Pimientos de Padron. A common dish on tapas menus, pimientos de Padron are green peppers that hail originally from the town of that name in Galicia, in Spain's lush, rainy northwest.
  7. The Spanish bread with tomato or also known aspan tumaca” is a traditional food from Spain eaten all over the country, but it´s original from Catalonia. It´s the easiest Spanish food and it will literally take you about 5 minutes to make. Perfect for breakfast, snack or even as a side dish on a big meal. More about bread with tomato

  8. 15 Spanish Foods and Drinks You Must Try Before You Die › 15-culinary-adventures-one

    Feb 26, 2016 · A paella (ba-ey-ya) is a traditional rice dish often considered the national dish of Spain. It is said to have originated in Valencia in the mid 19th century but has since established itself as THE iconic symbol of Spanish cuisine. The rice is often cooked with beans, saffron and flavourful broth and served in a large flat pan.

    • Jamón ibérico and other Spanish cured meats
      Jamón ibérico and other Spanish cured meats
      The Spanish love their cured meat and hams and for good reason: the flavourful cuts taste phenomenal!
    • Patatas Bravas
      Patatas Bravas
      A personal favourite of mine, patatas bravas roughly translates to ‘brave potatoes’. It is a staple of Spanish tapas even though it is a dish of relatively lowly stature.
    • Gazpacho
      To put it simply, a gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup with a tomato base. It is often served in the summer because of its cooling properties.
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