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  2. However, students should also be aware of the potential benefits of having a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. Students should also research the career opportunities available to graduates with IT degrees. Potential IT Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree Computer and Information Systems Manager

    • Technical Architect. Average Annual Salary: $114,682. Technical architects devise a company’s technical blueprint and system architecture. They are also responsible for monitoring performance, developing systems, and structuring IT systems.
    • IT Project Manager. Average Annual Salary: $88,982. IT project managers specialize in shepherding IT, hardware, or software projects from conception to completion.
    • Database Administrator. Average Annual Salary: $73,696. Database administrators are responsible for ensuring the health and efficacy of an organization’s various databases.
    • Network Security Specialist. Average Annual Salary: $72,156. A network security specialist is responsible for overseeing and securing a company’s networks from threats such as malware or unauthorized users.
  3. An information technology degree prepares students for the many ways in which computer systems use software, hardware, and networks to manage (and secure) the transmission and storage of information and graphics across the world. Many consider the Information Technology industry to be the next exciting frontier to explore.

  4. Apr 25, 2022 · Average Salary: $98,350. Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree. For those interested in digital security, becoming an Information Security Analyst can be a rewarding career. Information Security Analysts research and improve digital security, sometimes in collaboration with Computer Systems Analysts.

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