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    Why is the USA the Best Country?

    Is America really a free country?

    Is America a great country?

  2. Best Places to Live in North America - Nomad List › north-america

    These are the 380 best places to live in North America, costing on average $3,370/month to live with internet speeds up to 100 Mbps and temperatures ranging from 8°C to 41°C. Toronto, Atlanta and Portland are the best places to live in North America right now that are affordable, have nice weather and fast internet.

  3. Best 10 Places To Visit In North America - Updated 2021 › article › best-places-to-visit-in
    • United States. Composed of 50 states and encompassing a gigantic area of North America, the United States offers numerous destinations to explore. The heavenly Hawaii Islands, the Statue of Liberty in New York, Hollywood, the capital city of Washington, D.C., and many other states and cities greet visitors every year and offer an enriching travel experience.
    • Cuba. Plan to explore Cuba, a beautiful Caribbean island in North America, during your holidays. Sugar-white shores and tobacco fields adorn this country.
    • Canada. Extending from the USA in the south to the breathtaking Arctic Circle in the north, Canada is a wonderful country in North America. Ottawa is famous for being its capital, but Canada as a whole is known for being home to the jaw-dropping Niagara Falls and the scenic Rocky Mountains.
    • Belize. Famous for being one of the last remaining pristine places on the globe, Belize is undoubtedly an enchanting country to visit. It’s an English-speaking nation that houses a diverse population.
  4. most beautiful countries to visit in North America Archives ... › places-to-visit-in-north-america

    May 29, 2020 · Canada -in briefThis is a beautiful country in the northern part of North America.

  5. Is Canada the best country in North America? - Quora › Is-Canada-the-best-country-in

    Canada definitely a better country than other countries in North America. It has powerful GDP,good peace index and good disciplined people. 70% of canadians are graduates. Canada didn't support any racial discrimination such as colour,language, nationality from where visitors come from.

  6. List of Countries in North America – › north-american-countries

    List of Countries in North America As a subcontinent of the Americas, North America is located within Western Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere. Being the third largest continent after Asia and Africa, the North America continent has an area of 24,709,000 km 2 , accounting for 16.5% of world’s total land area.

    Official Name
    Independence Date
    Antigua and Barbuda
    November 1, 1981
    Commonwealth of the Bahamas
    July 10, 1973
    November 30, 1966
    September 21, 1981
  7. The Largest Countries In North America - WorldAtlas › articles › the-largest

    Nov 17, 2020 · Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize are the other North ...

    Area (km²)
    Area (mi²)
    Northern America
    United States
    Northern America
    Central America
    Central America
    • John Misachi
  8. How many countries are in North America? (Updated List 2021) › countries-north-america

    Located both in the northern and western hemisphere North America is the home to world’s most powerful country the USA and the richest countries are the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The USA is the largest and most populous country here. The list of North America Flags is inclusive of the national flags of North American countries.

    Language/Currency/Time Zone/ Calling ...
    Antigua and Barbuda
    ST John’s
    The official language of the nation is ...
    The official language of the nation is ...
    The official language of the nation is ...
    The official language of the nation is ...
  9. 17 Reasons Why America Is The Best Country In The History Of ... › lifestyle › america-is-the-best
    • George Washington. Everyone knows George Washington was a pretty cool guy, but did you know he set the precedent of president? When his second term was up, he could have kept his power — but instead he decided to be (as King George III described) "the greatest man in the world" when he willingly relinquished his power and gave the presidency back to the people.
    • Our Military. From musket-carrying militiamen, to WWII grunts, to our modern day soldiers of the future, our military has the tendency to distinguish itself in any battle in any country!
    • Freedom. So technically we didn't invent democracy, America was the end result from centuries of conflict against monarchy. From ancient Greece to the Magna Carta, the USA was the final experiment which resulted in a Republic.
    • Airplanes. For anyone that enjoys traveling thousands of miles in a short amount of time as opposed to sailing in a boat and dying of scurvy... You can thank the Wright brothers!
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