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  1. Duchy of Pomerania - Wikipedia › wiki › Duchy_of_Pomerania

    The Duchy of Pomerania was established as a vassal state of Poland in 1121, which it remained until the fragmentation of Poland after the death of Polish ruler Bolesław III Wrymouth in 1138.

  2. Province of Pomerania (1815–1945) - Wikipedia › wiki › Province_of_Pomerania_(1815

    Pomerania was established as a province of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1815, an expansion of the older Brandenburg-Prussia province of Pomerania, and then became part of the German Empire in 1871.

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  4. Duchy of Prussia - Wikipedia › wiki › Duchy_of_Prussia

    The duchy was inherited by the Hohenzollern prince-electors of Brandenburg in 1618. This personal union is referred to as Brandenburg-Prussia. Frederick William, the "Great Elector" of Brandenburg, achieved full sovereignty over the duchy under the 1657 Treaty of Wehlau, confirmed in the 1660 Treaty of Oliva.

  5. Province of Pomerania (1653–1815) - Wikipedia › wiki › Province_of_Pomerania_(1653

    After the war, Prussia after diplomatic efforts of Hardenberg in the Congress of Vienna gained Swedish Pomerania by paying 2,6 million Taler to Denmark and granting her the Duchy of Lauenburg, and paying an additional 3,5 million Taler to Sweden on 7 June 1815.

  6. Kingdom of Prussia - Wikipedia › wiki › Kingdom_of_Prussia

    The new territory connected the Province of East Prussia (the territory previously known as the Duchy of Prussia) with the Province of Pomerania, uniting the kingdom's eastern territories. After Frederick died in 1786, his nephew Fredrick William II continued the partitions, gaining a large part of western Poland in 1793.

  7. List of Pomeranian duchies and dukes - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Pomeranian_duchies

    In 1295, the Duchy of Pomerania was divided roughly by the Peene and Ina (Ihna) rivers, with the areas north of these rivers ruled by Bogislaw IV became Pomerania-Wolgast, whereas Otto I received Pomerania-Szczecin south of these rivers. Third partition 1368–1376

    after 1130
    fall of 1180
    Before 1156
  8. Brandenburg-Prussia - Wikipedia › wiki › Brandenburg-Prussia

    The duchy would legally revert to Poland if the Hohenzollern dynastic line became extinct. Hohenzollern sovereignty in the Prussian duchy was confirmed in the Peace of Oliva, which ended the war in 1660. Brandenburg-Prussian campaigns in Swedish Pomerania did not result in permanent gains. Dutch and Scanian Wars

  9. Pomerania | historical region, Europe | Britannica › place › Pomerania

    Prussia united western and central Pomerania into one province called Pommern. Eastern Pomerania was held by the Teutonic Knights from 1308 to 1454, when it was reconquered by Poland. In 1772 it was annexed by Prussia and made into the province of West Prussia.

  10. Pomerania - Wikipedia › wiki › Pomerania

    Borders. Pomerania is the area along the Bay of Pomerania of the Baltic Sea between the rivers Recknitz and Trebel in the west and Vistula in the east. It formerly reached perhaps as far south as the Noteć river, but since the 13th century its southern boundary has been placed further north.

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