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    Yvette is female given name, the French feminine form of Yves, which means yew or archer in some cases. Name days edit Czech Republic: 7 June Hungary: 13 January, 6 May and 29 June Poland: 13 January Slovakia: 27 May Bulgaria: 24 June ("Eniovden") Latvia: 12 December Notable people edit] Yvette Alexander (born 1961), U.S. politician

  2. Jan 19, 2022 · NEW YORK (AP) — Yvette Mimieux, the blond and blue-eyed 1960s film star of “Where the Boys Are,” “The Time Machine” and “Light in the Piazza,” has died. She was 80. Michelle Bega, a family spokeswoman, said Mimieux died in her sleep of natural causes overnight Monday evening at her home in Los Angeles.

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  4. What is the meaning of the name Yvette? The name Yvette is primarily a female name of French origin that means Yew. Female diminutive form of Yves. Yvette Mimieux, actress. People who like the name Yvette also like: Genevieve, Celeste, Violet, Valerie, Vivienne, Yvonne, Esme, Felix, Xavier, Isaac, Declan, Micah, Ethan, Dante Names like Yvette: Yaphet

  5. Jan 18, 2022 · Jan. 18, 2022 Yvette Mimieux, who found stardom in the early 1960s portraying delicate, fragile women in “The Time Machine,” “Where the Boys Are” and other films, died on Monday night at her home...

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    Yvette ( plural Yvettes ) ( Quebec, politics, derogatory, dated) A term of derision used by Quebec separatists to refer to Federalist - voting French Quebecois housewives. French [ edit] Etymology [ edit] Yves +‎ -ette Pronunciation [ edit] IPA ( key): /i.vɛt/ Audio 0:03 Proper noun [ edit] Yvette f a female given name, the feminine form of Yves

  7. Yvette Carmen Mimieux [1] (January 8, 1942 – January 18, 2022) [a] was an American film and television actress. Her breakout role was in The Time Machine (1960). She was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards during her acting career. [2] Contents 1 Early life and career 1.1 MGM 1.2 Post-MGM 1.3 Television 1.4 Later movies

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