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    Call themselves the "World's Best True Scottish Pirate Metal Band", a claim jokingly referred to by Alestorm, who call themselves the "World's… Rebecca Black 185,815 listeners

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    • Alestorm. The most popular of the pirate metal genre, Alestorm has achieved accolades and reached sales no other band on this list has. The Scottish group's fourth album Sunset on the Golden Age even reached No. 1 on the UK Rock Chart - a huge accomplishment for such a niche genre.
    • Swashbuckle. By far the heaviest band on this list, Swashbuckle's pirate-themed thrash metal is equal parts fun as it is punishing. The New Jersey natives are signed to legendary Nuclear Blast Records and are known for their incredibly fun live performances.
    • The Dread Crew Of Oddwood. The Dread Crew of Oddwood is an all-acoustic band who call their music "Heavy Mahogany." Probably the closest to what a pirate would actually listen to, the group garnered buzz after performing at various renaissance faires around the country.
    • Lagerstein. Lagerstein live up to their name and take the partying lifestyle of a pirate to the extreme. With songs like "Raise Your Steins," "Drink the Rum," "Fountain of Rum," and an album titled All For Rum & Rum For All you get what this pirate/folk metal band is all about - binge drinking.
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    Jul 26, 2021 · The amount of musical genres that exist can get a tad on the ridiculous side…. But, Pirate Metal isn’t ridiculous at all! Here is a list of 10 pirate metal bands to get your stumps tapping too! (In no particular order… ’cause we are pirates ourselves.) Aharrr me hearties! 10. Alestorm (Scotland) 9. Lagerstein (Brisbane, Australia) 8.

    • Matt Bolton
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  5. A Landlubber’s Guide to Pirate Metal | Bandcamp Daily › lists › pirate-metal-list

    Sep 19, 2019 · Metal’s pirate fascination began with Running Wild’s 1987 album Under Jolly Roger. While the high seas have been their guiding light for three decades, Running Wild used these themes mostly as a way to differentiate themselves from every other speed metal band coming out of Germany.

  6. The 10 Best Live Bands in Metal Right Now - LA Weekly › the-10-best-live-bands-in-metal
    • Jason Roche
    • Iron Maiden. Thirty-one years after shouting “Scream for me, Long Beach!” on the live album Live After Death, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson remains the most compelling live vocalist in the entire genre.
    • Metallica. There is a reason why Metallica remain one of the biggest bands in the world 25 years after their mainstream breakthrough, “Enter Sandman.”
    • Slipknot. These Iowa natives are nearing 20 years of taking their message of Midwest disaffection and misanthropy and spreading it worldwide thanks to hard-driving nu-metal riffs and an energetic, strength-in-numbers live show.
    • GWAR. For three decades, these costumed warriors used thrash metal and punk rock to underpin tales of intergalactic destruction, scatological warfare and other assorted unpleasantries.
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    heavy metal. metal. thrash metal. true scottish pirate metal. Pirate Metal is a tag applied to the Heavy metal bands who feature Pirate theme in their lyrics and music. Pirate metal tag does not imply pirate-themed bands form a genre. Nevertheless, most of them usually play a sort of Folk metal and/or Power metal. View wiki.

  8. The 10 Best Folk Metal Bands – OC Weekly › the-10-best-folk-metal-bands
    • Finntroll. Bringing together the uncompromising black metal blast beats and wicked, shredding riffs of black metal, along with brutal vocals sung mostly in Swedish, Finland's Finntroll has spent more than 15 years building a fan base.
    • Ensiferum. Also hailing from Finland, Ensiferum officially formed in 1996, and has been at the top of the folk metal genre since. Using melodies from distorted and clean acoustic guitars and keyboards, and a galloping drum, Ensiferum conjure up their own sound of sped up melodic black/ death metal.
    • Ulver. Refusing to be limited to only folk and metal, Ulver formed in 1994, in Norway, with a more dissonant, dark, black metal sound, but evolved to become an innovative, genre defying band that would use cellos, ambient drums, chanting and even atmospheric, dreamy elements of , electronic, and experimental .
    • Turisas. Turisas, from Finland, has very domineering sound that takes the heaviness of metal and mixes in violins and keyboards of Finnish folk music to create a triumphant, fist pumping sound often referred to as 'Battle Metal,' named after the band's 2004 debut album of the same name.
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    The band was founded in 2004 in Perth, Scotland as Battleheart, a studio project by Christopher Bowes and Gavin Harper. Originally intended as a standard power metal band, the success of song "Heavy Metal Pirates" convinced the band to permanently adopt a pirate theme and incorporate folk metal elements into their music.

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    • Wintersun. Founded in Finland by Jari Mäenpää in 2003, Wintersun combines harsh and melodic male vocals with driven folk metal sound, often exploring themes relating to Finnish mythology, culture, and the human perspective on the universe.
    • Korpiklaani. Easily one of the most fun-sounding bands in the folk metal scene, Korpiklaani also hails from Finland and combines heavy metal style with lyrics in both English and Finnish about drinking, partying, and other such drolleries.
    • Blackguard. Hailing from Canada, Blackguard is a melodic death and folk metal band that has made waves as a strong opener for other metal acts like Epica, Kamelot, and Finntroll.
    • Gåte. Gåtehails from Norway, and represents one of the truest examples of folk metal to this day. The band combines traditional songs and stories of Norway and the surrounding Scandinavian region with heavy metal and electronic elements, enriched by the angelic voice of its singer, Gunnhild Sundli.
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