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  1. The name "Wikimedia", a compound of wiki and media, was coined by American author Sheldon Rampton in a post to the English Wikipedia mailing list in March 2003, three months after Wiktionary became the second wiki-based project hosted on the original server. The Wikimedia Foundation was incorporated in Florida on June 20, 2003.

  2. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (bahasa Indonesia: Yayasan Wikimedia) adalah organisasi pusat dari Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikispecies, Wikiversity serta proyek-proyek kolaboratif Meta-Wiki. Wikimedia merupakan Organisasi nirlaba yang berada di bawah Undang-undang Florida, Amerika Serikat. Tujuan yayasan ini adalah ...

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  4. › wiki › Wikimedia_FoundationWikimedia Foundation - Meta

    • About The Foundation
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    • Where Does The Money Come from
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    • Wikimedia Coordination and Projects
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    The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is a non-profit organization registered in the USA, hosting websites known as the “Wikimedia projects”, such as Wikipedia and Wikinews, as well as this website, Meta-Wiki. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, USA. Official information about the Foundation may be fou...

    The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees manages the foundation and supervises the disposition and solicitation of donations. The Board is the ultimate corporate authority for the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (article IV, sec. 1 of the Wikimedia Foundation bylaws). The current membership list and contact information can be found at Wikimedia Founda...

    Channels of discussion

    The Wikimedia Foundation is managed thanks to the use of: 1. Meta-Wikifor discussion and organisation of all public issues. This wiki is entirely public and editable by everyone and is also multilingual. 2. is the official website of the Foundation. This wiki is entirely public, but editing access is only granted to trusted members of the community. We try to translate pages in several languages. Feedback about this website may be offered here on Meta-Wiki at the Found...

    Channels for support

    The Wikimedia Foundation manages the following channels for support: 1. Trust and Safety Meta pageprovides an introduction into Trust & Safety work, as well as information about programs, policies, and resources. 2. General Trust & Safety inquiries: 3. Threats of imminent physical harm (also supporting human rights crisis response): 4. Assessment of child protection concerns: 5. Disinformation support inbox for partnering funct...

    The Wikimedia Foundation is operated and run using monies raised with fundraising and other donations. For more information, please see the donationspage.

    In acknowledgement of the diversity of groups contributing to our movement, the Board of Trustees approves recognition of the following models of affiliation with the Wikimedia movement. Affiliates may change from one affiliation status to another, and should prioritize cooperation with one another without hierarchy. If you wish to start an affilia...

    Project coordination

    Wikimedia Meta-Wiki(this wiki) is a website about the Wikimedia Foundation's projects and coordination.

    Some project history

    1. January 15, 2001: Wikipedia launched at, separate from Nupedia. 2. December 12, 2002: Wiktionarywas brought online. 3. June 27, 2003: Wikiquote was started on, which is now used by Wolof Wikipedia. 4. July 10, 2003: Wikiquotemoves to and later got its own domain name ( 5. July 10, 2003: The Wikibooks project got its own domain name at, later moving to See Wikimedia News. 6. November 24,...

    The early history of Wikipedia was characterized by much chaos and well-meaning strangeness. Wikipedia Governance was conducted, effectively, by Jimmy Wales (Jimbo) alone, with the assistance of mailing list participants. The broader mandate of the expanding projects being considered, led to a suggestion in a wikien-l message by Sheldon Rampton: 1....

  5. › wiki › Wikimedia_FoundationYayasan Wikimedia - Meta

    Yayasan Wikimedia (WMF) adalah organisasi nirlaba terdaftar di Amerika Serikat, menjadi host untuk situs-situs web yang dikenal sebagai " proyek Wikimedia ”, seperti Wikipedia dan Wikinews, dan juga website ini, Meta-Wiki. Yayasan Wikimedia dipimpin oleh Dewan Pengawas. Kantor pusatnya terletak di San Francisco, Amyerika Serikat.

  6. Wikimedia Foundation Inc. ialah pertubuhan induk untuk Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks , Wikisource, In Memoriam 9/11, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, dan Wikinews. Ia merupakan perbadanan bukan untung yang diasaskan di St. Petersburg, Florida, Amerika Syarikat, dan ditubuhkan di bawah undang-undang Florida. Kewujudannya diumumkan secara rasmi oleh Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Wikia dan ...

  7. Di Wikipedia ini, pautan bahasa di atas laman melintang daripada tajuk rencana. Pergi ke atas. Kandungan move to sidebar Permulaan 1 Matlamat Yayasan 2 Sejarah dan pertumbuhan Yayasan 3 Sejarah projek terkini 4 Pautan luar 5 Rujukan Toggle the table of contents Yayasan Wikimedia 169 bahasa Afrikaans Alemannisch Ænglisc العربية Aragonés

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