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  2. commitment noun 1 : an act of committing: as a : placement in or assignment to a prison or mental hospital petition for commitment compare incompetent, interdiction Note: Commitment to a mental health facility is called civil commitment when it is not part of a criminal proceeding.

  3. commitment noun uk / kəˈmɪtmənt / us [ C or U ] a promise or firm decision to do something, or the fact of promising something: He was encouraged by the commitment of car manufacturers to improving dealer profitability. The mayor also pleaded for a commitment to the city's request for $250 million in federal funds.

  4. commitment Add to list Share noun the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action “his long commitment to public... noun a message that makes a pledge synonyms: dedication see more see less types: show 14 types... hide 14 types... oath,... noun an engagement by ...

  5. 1 : to carry into action deliberately : perpetrate commit a crime commit a sin 2 a : obligate, bind a contract committing the company to complete the project on time in a committed relationship b : to pledge or assign to some particular course or use commit all troops to the attack c : to reveal the views of refused to commit himself on the issue 3

  6. n 1. the act of committing or pledging 2. the state of being committed or pledged 3. an obligation, promise, etc that restricts one's freedom of action 4. (Parliamentary Procedure) the referral of a bill to a committee or legislature 5. (Law) law Also called (esp formerly): mittimus a written order of a court directing that a person be imprisoned

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