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  2. dictate verb (SPEAK) [ I or T ] to speak something aloud for a person or machine to record what is said, so that it can be written down: I dictated my order over the phone. She spent the morning dictating letters to her secretary. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Phrasal verb dictate to someone dictate noun [ C usually plural ]

  3. dictate 2 of 2 noun as in do a statement of what to do that must be obeyed by those concerned a starchily worded dictate from on high concerning the company's dress code Synonyms & Similar Words do order instruction edict direction imperative directive command injunction commandment charge requirement decree behest demand mandate word rule law

  4. dic·tate 1. To say or read aloud material to be recorded or written by another: dictated for an hour before leaving for the day. 2. To issue orders or commands.

  5. See definition of dictate on noun command; rule verb command; give instructions verb read out for the record synonyms for dictate Compare Synonyms edict precept behest bidding code decree dictum direction fiat injunction law mandate order ordinance principle requirement statute ultimatum word

  6. dictate To declare or prescribe with authority; direct or command positively, as being right, necessary, or inevitable:... dictate To be the determining cause or motive of; fix or decide positively or unavoidably: as, necessity dictated the... dictate To express orally for another to write down; ...

  7. Dictation definition, the act or manner of dictating for reproduction in writing. See more.

  8. 1. : to speak or read (something) to a person who writes it down or to a machine that records it. She's dictating a letter to her secretary. 2. : to say or state (something) with authority or power. They insisted on being able to dictate the terms of surrender. 3. : to make (something) necessary.

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