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    • 1. freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to: "the check given to the jeweler proved worthless" Similar present withprovide withsupply withfurnish withOpposite receiveaccepttakewithhold
    • 2. cause or allow (someone or something) to have (something, especially something abstract); provide or supply with: "you gave me such a fright" Similar allowpermitlet havegrant


    • 1. capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure; elasticity: "plastic pots that have enough give to accommodate the vigorous roots"
  2. 1. [+ object] a : to cause or allow someone to have (something) as a present : to make a present of (something) She gave him a camera for Christmas. Someone gave me a present. = Someone gave a present to me. = I was given a present. = A present was given (to) me.

  3. To communicate, convey, or offer for conveyance: Give him my best wishes. Give us the latest news. 6. a. To endure the loss of; sacrifice: gave her son to the war; gave her life for her country. b. To devote or apply completely: gives herself to her work. c. To furnish or contribute: gave their time to help others. d.

  4. See definition of give on verb contribute, supply, transfer verb communicate verb demonstrate, proffer verb yield, collapse verb perform action synonyms for give Compare Synonyms accord allow award commit deliver donate grant hand out hand over permit present provide sell turn over administer bequeath bestow cede confer consign

  5. grant: [verb] to consent to carry out for a person : allow fulfillment of. to permit as a right, privilege, or favor.

  6. Meaning of give in English. give verb (PROVIDE) A1 [ I or T ] to offer something to someone, or to provide someone with something: [ + two objects ] She gave us a set of ... give verb (CAUSE) give verb (DO) give verb (STRETCH) give verb (DECIDE)

  7. give verb (CAUSE) B1 [ T ] to produce or cause something: [ + two objects ] The fresh air gave us an appetite (= made us hungry). What you said has given me an idea. The alarm gave (out) a high-pitched sound. give someone to understand (that) formal (also give someone to believe (that))

  8. verb. transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody. “I gave her my money”. “can you give me lessons?”. “She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care”. see more. verb. place into the hands or custody of. synonyms: hand, pass, pass on, reach, turn over.

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