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  2. British Dictionary definitions for inclination the angle between a line on a graph and the positive limb of the x- axis the smaller dihedral angle between one plane and another

  3. Meaning of inclination in English. inclination noun (FEELING) C2 [ C or U ] a feeling that you want to do a particular thing, or the fact that you prefer or are more likely to do a ... inclination noun (MOVEMENT) inclination noun (ANGLE)

  4. 1. a special disposition of the mind or temperament; a liking or preference: a great inclination for sports. 2. something to which one is inclined. 3. the act of inclining or state of being inclined. 4. a tendency toward a certain condition, action, etc.

  5. Definitions of inclination noun the act of inclining; bending forward “an inclination of his head indicated his agreement” synonyms: inclining see more noun the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical “he walked with a heavy inclination to the right” synonyms: lean, leaning, list, tilt see more noun

  6. Britannica Dictionary definition of INCLINATION 1 : a feeling of wanting to do something : a tendency to do something [noncount] She shows no/little inclination to give in to their demands. He's a loner by inclination. [count] My first/initial/natural inclination was to say no, but I finally decided to do what she asked.

  7. A deviation from a vertical or horizontal direction; a bend; slope; angle . Part of speech: Noun A mental bent; predilection . Usage examples for "inclination": He was an easy - going, happy - go - lucky individual, who worked only when occasion demanded and inclination and the weather permitted.

  8. inclination See definition of inclination on noun tendency, bent noun slant, angle synonyms for inclination Compare Synonyms affection appetite aptitude bias capability desire disposition impulse leaning penchant predilection predisposition preference prejudice proclivity propensity temperament aptness attachment attraction capacity

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